Friday, July 10, 2009

BFF Break Up Race tonight!!!

I helped Dylan and Heather out with the Flyers for this last night. Sounds like a super fun format:

Heather and I decided to do this chris kim/victor style so of course, here is the flyer one day before the race. That's how we do!!!!!!!!!

Heather is moving to a place where u can get beer at mcdonalds so come say goodbye to this lady afterward


you have to race along with ur bff. I don't care if it is ur real bff or u found this person dumpster diving.Clearly, one of u is better than the other and we will find out who. Race against ur bff and destroy them as payment for that time he/she stole ur girl/boy while u weren't looking
You can also race in the single race, which heather and i call the TV dinner race, which yatica already told me to tell u guys he was going to win this.
We have some dope prizes from my boy kyle at DQM and John at MISHKA
We also have some prizes that were donated by ur local brooklyn artists. You may know some of them, u may not.
You already know how i get down so u know this race is going to be AMAZING or TERRIBLE. It could go either way but i'm shooting for AMAZING


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Anonymous said...

I hope Yatika backs up his trash talk...