Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holy shit this is cracking me up!

So I've been spending time with this lovely young lady and she tells me that when it rains, she actually rides her bike with an umbrella. Naturally the thought of that makes me laugh not only from a safety/comfort standpoint but also because I can't help but conjure this image in my mind:

I was telling her about that photo but keep forgetting to send it to her. It's raining today and she mentioned carrying the umbrella again. I of course went on the hunt again when I accidentally found this handy dandy little device called the Drybike:

Granted I wouldn't be caught dead using one of these (or wearing a puffy jacket) outside of Holland but they're kind of amazing! Just think, this could be you and your lady friend:

That would be a some sight now wouldn't it?! The only thing you'd be missing is the matching plaids and a bunch of your guys friends laughing at you behind your back..



Sam said...

Come on! You don't think it would be totally epic to have one of those on your track bike!? Whilst in the drops? Aero bars + umbrella contraption seems like a natural combo.

youaretheengine said...

For some reason the fact that it isn't raining in those pictures makes me angry. At least the Asian guy earned his.

CyclingWMD said...


Anonymous said...

Wow. FINALLY something in the cycling world that's nerdier than recumbent bikes and tandem bikes!