Sunday, January 31, 2010

For those of you who missed out on this Sunday's New York Post..



Holy mother fucking christ that is some AMAZING shit right there ain't it?! Sooooo totally blows the whole New York Press Cool Nerd cover fiasco from a while back WAY out of the fuckin' water!

When I was first invited to take part in the NYP's Meet Market lifestyle dating section I was like- 'oooo, I don't know. That could be really embarrassing..' But then a minute later I realized- Holy shit, not only will it be SUPER embarrassing, but it would undoubtedly be so embarrassing to the point where it all cancels itself out and becomes nothing but SUPER FUCKING HILARIOUS AND AWEZOME!!! For those of you familiar with the NYP, man-o-man did they EVER deliver huh?! I mean, come on- CHECK OUT SOME OF THOSE HEADLINES! I knew that when it came down to it, the more silly and forthcoming I was with the questionnaire they had me fill out, the more ammo they would have when twisting my words around with gut wrenchingly hhhuuuuuurrrreeeennnndous results. Fuck, fucking yeah! Soooo stoked on that shit!!

Not to mention who's shirt I'm wearing! Don't you think at the very least I've more than earned a free ticket to Japan or something from Ben's considering the fact that I slipped their logo into a national publication??

So I really hope you fuckheads can truly appreciate the great lengths I'm willing to go for all ya'llzez entertainment. Be sure and leave some awesome comments on the site and stay tuned for the results of my date in next week's Sunday Post! :-D

Oh and before I forget, as if that whole shpeal wasn't enough, check out what I what else I scored on Sunday for $60:

Not one but TWO used good condition Seven Labeled Carbon Fiber Wound Up forks for less than what ONE Yamaguchi steel fork cost me- uuuh, how awesome is my life??


Friday, January 29, 2010

Whatever you do..

..don't fuck with Hitler's fixie ride to Berlin:

Fucking hilarious!



$65 Yamaguchi road fork? I think so!!

Scored this bad boy for a great price the other day and just picked it up this morning:

It's that kick ass marble-y hammer tone too!

Formerly owned by Mike McCarthy no less- AWESOME!

I know EXACTLY where it's new home is going to be so I'm wicked stoked :-D


Rad paint job on this Makino!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

As if it wasn't already obvious enough..

..after seeing Apple's new iPad I'm officially convinced that we're living in the future RIGHT NOW. Thing issss ffffffucking retarded! Normally I wouldn't even think about posting anything remotely geeky-techy like an Apple product but this fucker really is something else:

This is the type of product that those of us with laptops chained to our ankles have been thirsty for! God almighty what I wouldn't do to avoid having to handling that heavy ass 17" monstrosity of mine..

The thing Apple forgets to mention, as all manufacturers do when describing whatever hot new product they've come up with, is how their product is sure to open up a whole new realm of possibilities as it pertains to elevating the convenience of masturbating. I mean, I know dudes who jerk off to their iPhones for fuck sake (NOT ME I SWEAR!) so this thing is sure to be a wankers delight! Not to mention just how many more interesting web cam type videos are going to be out there once this thing is cam enabled. All it needs is some sort of phone headset thingy that can pop out, kinda like those tapes in Soundwave's chest, and you'd be good to go..

So while I think the Apple's new iPad has a really shitty name, the innovation and beginning of what's sure to be a new revolution in how those of us who can afford to blow wads of cash (amongst other things) on (all over AND in the cracks) a gadget such as this (because we were lucky enough to not be left behind by the system) will get to enjoy..

So start gathering up all your POV compilation links now cause lord knows you're gonna need em' reeeeeaaal soon!

I mean shit, I'm not even waiting for the second version like I do with every other new product- SIGN ME UP FOR ONE THIS INSTANT!!!


If you're going to get a disc and NOT race on it.. had BETTER be at least as rad looking as this one:

Buy it here and thanks Alan!

I have one right now that I'm not only debating on which bike to mount it, but what to get airbrushed on each side, aaahahaha- so reddic but SO AWESOME at the same time!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

$1800 Cane Creek Track wheelset for $500 NEW?!!

That's right and while most of em got scooped up already there's still a few left:

Front and rear..


I would have posted them sooner but I wanted to give a friend a chance to get in on the silver hub versions before they were all gone. HUGE congrats to her and anyone else who scored themselves a set! Let's see photos of them on your bikes when you get em!!

Via NYC fixed board..

UPDATE: They posted new auctions as complete wheelsets but raised the price a bit. Still totally worth it tho!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Mercian Roadie: Expolded View!

Seen on the NYC fixed board..


Sunday, January 24, 2010

RAD Paramount MTB in NOS Cond and more!

Check out the bitchin' paint job too:

Speaking of vintage MTBs, check out this Rensho:

Same dude also has a 1985 Stumpjumper too:

Sweet Waterford Track:

Awesome LADIES Gios:

The same seller also has this WAY sexy Merckx Corsa Extra in NOS cond:

Along with a whole bunch of other good shit..

All of which is unconscionably overpriced but still fun to look at..

Awesome Pogliaghi tandem:

UPDATE: Speedbicycles just tossed this awesome Pinarello up:

ANOTHER UPDATE: This dude just posted a Merckx stem FS and check out what he put it on for example:


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Now that is a bike pile!


Remember those Cheap-ish lugs I got recently?

Well I checked back with the seller a little while ago and he had some nice Track Dropouts as well now:

I then asked him if he had any other components available and he sent me this:

So along with the Track ends I got myself a set of Stem lugs as well:

Total came to $66 bucks for everything + shipping..

Now all I need is some tubing, brazing materials and to quit getting high long enough to be productive again..


This CAN'T be unseen :'(

Heinous Maximus huh?!

One of the local NYC fixed board members rides. He's fine but as you can see, the bike is fucked along with it's stellar paint job..

Might make for an awesome Pen holder tho:

I'd be all type of stoked on that Nagasawa one! So long as it wasn't mine originally..


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A new production adustable stem that's AFFORDABLE?!! Really??!!!

Most of you know that I have a HUGE fetish for adjustable stems. Many a time have I wondered when someone would catch on and start producing new and cheaper ones for all to enjoy. I noticed over on the prollmeisters blog that Livery Design Gruppe came out with one of their own:

On a bike:

From Livery:

New fillet brazed stems in stock. We hand braze these stems then polish and chrome plate them. We then CNC a chunk of aluminum that holds the bars in place.

-Quill Length is Adjustable from 0-120MM

-Will accommodate bars from 25.4-26.0mm

$119.99 per set. Shown on customer’s bike with out pursuit bars (400mm width, heat treated aluminum bars).

To me they most closely resemble a mix of a Schwinn Paramount Adjustable stem and Phillipe Adjustable stem..

Here's some other examples in order: Major Taylor, Philippe, Pivo, 3ttt, Cinelli and Nitto

While I'll most likely stick with my vintage stems, I will say that I totally dig what they've got going on there. Esp the opposing end double allen key bolt design on the stem clamp! That little innovation would def take the fun out of wondering if you'd tightened down the stem clamp enough or not, hehe..

The one thing I'd like to see them do differently, and this is totally nit picking, is to make the bar/stem clamp block out of steel instead of aluminum. Just so it could be ooey gooey chomey goodness all over instead of the duller aluminum finish. I suppose to you could polish the aluminum but it just wouldn't compare to the chrome finish..

So if you want to avoid the hefty price tag of a vintage adjustable stem and have a brand spanking new one that also kicks ass, this is DEF it!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Remember how I was talking about cheap..

Nashbar Road frames PLUS 20% off? Well here's your chance:

$109 - 20% = $88 = Great deal!

Buying 4 other items when building a roadie is no sweat so don't be a sissy and just do it..


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Olmo Track and more from Speedbicycles!

Speedbicycles always tosses some goooood ass shit up on the bay!

Olmo Track bike:

Lots more awesomeness on their sellers list so be sure to scope it out!

They've also re-upped their website so DEFINITELY be sure to check it out if you haven't already..


Friday, January 15, 2010

Gnarly Disc Wheel Disintegration!

How fucking gnarly is that?!

Via Project B..


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One HELLA gnarly bike porn Flickr photo stream!

Get the lube ready because after scoping out this flickr stream you're going to be shooting blanks:

My Buddy Luis shoots with one of the newer models and it iiiiiiis gnarly!

Lovely Lejeune Track:

Hard on inducing 3Rensho DA AX Aero post:

I don't know about you but I'm pretty FUUUUUUHHHHHH-ed out after all that tantalizing shit! There's plenty more so be sure to scope out the rest of his three million sets..

Thanks a bunch Thomas!