Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well now I'm glad that's over with!

mmmmmMAN do I ever hate doing production!

Cover came out nice tho:

Pick one up if you're at the show!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Latest and Greatest from Olli!

Damn dude this shit is WICKED!

Lots more snaps on his site..

So fucking rad! I've always wanted to do some silly aero-tastic fairing type shit like this!!

Oh and I didn't forget about the Rossin Poster man! You'll def get a copy whenever I regain free access to a large printer..

Also, I've been knee deep in production on the San Diego Custom Bike Show booklet this past week or so. Hence the lack of posts lately. It's due this Wednesday so hopefully I can start catching up on all the RAD shit I was working on beforehand..


Friday, March 25, 2011

A little NSFW Friday action!

This is kiiiiinnnd of the most amazing thing ever:

Where are all these chicks who don't mind posing for awesome shit like that?! Someone needs to point me in their general direction like STAT!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Campagnolo Sheriff Star Track hubz in BLACK?!

These fuckers are SO TITS it's not even funny!

My best offer would be something along the lines of GO FUCK YOURSELF tho..


Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh snap, a Boy's size 24" Frejus racer?!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

New project on deck: The Baller Hauler!

My buddy Christian contacted me expressing an interest in a custom rack for a new custom CX frame he had built by our forum buddy Catano. He then mentioned this old Bianchi folder bike project he had begun but stalled out on a few years back:

(that's Garlic in the background in case you're wondering)

He said he thought it might be cool to extend the rear or make a trailer for it to help him lug shit around town but he wasn't sure..

As soon as I laid eyes on it I was like- WE SHOULD TOTALLY DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS:

God that thing is SO FUCKING AWESOME I can barely stand it!

But yeah, topping that folder / shopping cart / hauler would be nearly impossible. Christian also isn't really interested in having the bike convert back to normal. He's cool with a full time hauler. The Baller comes into play with the name cause well, we're DEF gonna make it RAD. Also cause he's got some nice vintage Campy hubs and headset going on there already, hehe..

So yeah, with some other front load haulers in mind like Bilenky's or Cetma's, we're going to get to work in the coming weeks. I'll try and post some progress photos of this build since it's sure to be a challenging and fun one to figure out.. 


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NAHBS 2011: NAHBS Photos and why can't I find that damn TT bike?!

What I've noticed more and more about being a blogger is trying to stay up on things, being the first to post things etc. While I think that's super important, in this case I decided to be lazy and leave it up to the various more organized sites to do it. Besides, I figured it would be fun to post my photos from the actual NAHBS event last to capitalize on the whole- 'Oh yeah, I've seen that porno already- ZOMG wait, not from this angle! SQUUIIIIRRRTTT!! factor. So without further ado, here are some of my fav snaps of my favorite bike shit I saw at the show:

That titanium integrated stem was so fraking SCHWEET! 

..but not as sweet as Naked's!

As everyone knows, Cherubin's nacelle style hand grips on their crazy ass TT track bike we're juuuuust a bit much but man, it was def nice to see it in person. I always dig seeing builders come up with weird ass shit like that..

Okay, so that last one shouldn't count but it was def my favorite Freak bike of the trip. I rolled up next to the owner while he was riding it and asked if he built it. He said he got it from some clothing store that had it built as a prop for all of $50 bucks COMPLETE! Now if that isn't a win I don't know what is..

Speaking of win, I KNEW beyond a shadow of doubt that Bilenky would win for their Horton collection bike and sure enough they did!

This Gallus was def my favorite freak bike that was actually IN the show. SO. RAD! I really wanted to tear ass on some trails with it..

In any case, that's just a few of my favs. There's Plenty more to ogle at on my flickr page..

So here's a funny little story about this guy I met at the show. Rather, at the airport right after I landed. When I first got there I realized my S+S bag was taking a bit too long to come out. So I went into the baggage service office to check up on it. While on line this guy behind me asked if I was a photographer by the looks of my camera bag and G10 hanging off my arm. I said yeah and that I was in town for the bike show. Naturally he warmed up to me right away telling me about how he was in town for the show as well and he was working a booth there. I was like- 'oh cool, what's the name?' He told me and as with most names I'm told, it went in one ear and right out the other. I know, it's a fucking curse. He said there's no way I'd miss his booth since they had the raddest Time Trial bike ever, like EVER-EVER. Which would've been more interesting to me if say I was a dentist or lawyer or something. None the less I gave him the typical- oh, that's cool! reaction. Then I found out my bag was coming in on a later flight which was super annoying but was pleased to know it was safe and accounted for. My new friend and I parted ways and I told him I'd look for his booth when I was at the show..

While I was at the show the next day being overstimulated by bikes I did try and keep it in mind to look for this TT bike he was raving about but just wasn't able to process the whole thing the first day. Later on that night was the Rapha Movie premiere at Mellow Johnny's. Which was pretty cool (oh and this was also kinda funny) I think my favorite part was joking about the semi- absurdity of just being like- 'Hey, yeah, I've got a great idea guys! Let's get some sponsors to build us some sick bikes, quit our jobs and just ride bikes across the country and have our friends film it!!' AS IF! I mean, kudos to those guys for actually doing it but it did seem like a bit much. In any case, feeling parched, I decided to go across the street to grab a drink at the supermarket.. 

Right before I was about to exit my friend from the airport, who'd just passed the line beyond tipsy, spotted me. We conversed for a few minutes about the show and  the like from what I could tell was about 3 inches from my face. GOD ALMIGHTY do I ever hate when drunk people do that! I mean yeah, I get it, you're wasted and all but still. Anyways, he asked me if I saw their fabulous TT bike. I told him about how the show was always too much for me the first day and that I would look for it again tomorrow. Which he followed with enough full body contortions to match his overly aggressive exuberance towards their TT bike that even iggy would do a double take. He even added a little disappointment in there not being able to understand HOW I could possibly miss it? IT'S JUST SO DAMN COOL! YOU'RE SO TOTALLY GOING TO LOVE IT!! Yeah, I bailed on that situation first chance I got.. 

The second day at the show was along the same lines of WTF there's WAY too much to look at here. Though I really did make a good effort to look for this freaking TT bike. If only to tell my friend YES, I saw it, now quit asking!

I didn't see shit for TT bikes anywhere that day either..

Then once again, later on that night I found myself at another shop party. This one was at that fuuuucking HUGE place out on Lamar. The line for the free BBQ was WICKED long so Ross and I decided to talk a walk down the street to one of the cool restaurants instead. Also to catch a breather from all the crowds etc. We hung out for a while, had some burgers, shot the shit. Then with our bellies full, we walked back. We found ourselves on one of those little traffic triangles at a busy intersection about to cross. When all of a sudden my 'buddy' somehow pops out from behind a street sign post sign and surprises me once more with questions about the show and had I seen the TT bike etc. I made the mistake of saying no again half wondering if he was drunk enough to impersonate a slinky this time. Fortunately a vacant cab came through the interesection just in time to swallow him up and take him back into town while telling me about how sick the TT bike was. YOU GOTTA SEE IT, THE BIKE IS JUST SO COO- thump, vrrrooom! It was at that point that I remarked to Ross- 'How is it that this dude keeps showing up out of nowhere and assaulting me about seeing this stupid fucking TT bike?!' Ross giving me the shrugs was no help but he does have a bunch of cool guns so he can get away with shit like that ;-)

SIDE NOTE: While I was waiting for Ross and Jen to head to the next event, a group of old single speed coots rolled over to me asking about my HED3 wheels. Fucking wheels. Anyways, they were wasted and really funny talking about how they loved single speed bikes and nothing else. They we all in their like late 50's. Then when they were rolling away, the last dude left, stopped, turned around walked up to me, looked me in dead the eyes and said: Gears are for queers. Then snickered a little bit before giving me a fist pound. Dude was HILARIOUS!

Anyways, on the last day of the show I made it my mission to find this fucking TT bike and or my buddy in question. Not because I gave two shits, but I was just SO curious to see WTF this guys was hounding me about already!

And guess what? I STILL didn't see shit despite keeping a watchful eye out for the both of em! :-/ 

This is one of those things that was bugging me for the rest of my stay in Austin. How is it possible that I went to this show three days in a row and didn't spot the thing?! I was half paranoid going to events etc thinking I would see the TT guy again and deal with his reaction at totally missing the raddest TT bike ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET..

Thankfully I made it back to Jersey without bumping into him again. Tho all the while I had this whole TT bike guy incident hounding me. Keep an eye out for the TT bike a voice would occasionally whisper. It was like a fucking monkey on my back for the next week or so!

It wasn't until I saw Prolly's post on yup, you guessed it- THE FUCKING LIGER TT BIKE that the connection in my mind was finally made! Which I guarantee my neighbors raised their eyelids to when hearing the muffled howling laughter coming through their floor boards. I mean, WOW how fucking hilarious is that?! It's like, I just couldn't get past the paint job of that retarded fucking bike to realize there was a gnarly TT bike under it. I mean, I saw that thing every day, scoffed at it everyday, and even took fucking photos of it on two separate occasions. But for whatever reason, I just couldn't for the life of me see it in the same way my buddy could. Obviously we have VERY different tastes when it comes to TT bikes. Tho I have to say, I think that particular TT bike will forever live in my mind as one of my favorites from now on. :-)

Well then, I think that concludes my NAHBS posts for this year. Big HUGE thanks once again to Ross and Jen for driving me around, letting me stay at their place and shooting rad fucking guns! Andrew for showing me around town and being rad in general. Along with Chris for hanging and shooting the shit with me at NAHBS. Along with everyone else I met and hung out with during my stay there! All you people fucking ROCK!! I'll def be looking you mofoz up again next time I find myself there :-) Feel free to hit me up when you find yourselves in NYC of course too! 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm having a hard time believing..

..that this shit is STILL going on:

I would think an 04' or 05' model would be the only ones to go for that much but a super pista?! You can get one new right now for $750!

Ug and more UG!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Sick paint job on this Tommasini!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

6th Annual Ghost Bikes Memorial Ride Today..

Multiple rides going on- check one out if you can!


Something for the Hardcore Vintage MTB nerds Straight from Mt Shasta!

A complete Suntour XCD 6000 group in NOS condition!:

That seller always has crazy amounts of good shit. Not cheap tho..


Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan's 8.9 Earthquake: FFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!

Damn this shit is FUCKED!

I wish everyone there best of luck and hope everyone gets in touch with their friends and loved ones real soon!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeling a bit under the weather..

..the last couple of days. Hence the lack of posts. Still have the last NAHBS post to finish up which I'm hoping to get to soon. What little energy I do have has been spent working on another silly rack I came up with night before last. Hoping to have it done in the next couple of days. I think this one's going to be even more of a fucking hassle than the D+D rack!

I kinda have a love/hate relationship with those kinds of projects. It's like, you think of an idea that's really rad and you're super stoked to start working on it. Then when you actually get down to the nitty gritty you think to yourself- Oh fuck, why do I continually have to do this to myself over and over again- this sucks!!

However, what I've learned about projects like that is in the end, they're totally worth the effort. So, I'll push on with this one and hopefully won't drive myself too nuts with all the friggen mitering I have to do. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE HOOK ME UP WITH A DRILL PRESS OR SOMETHING ALREADY??! Man.. Having one of those would make my life infinitely easier.. I'll focus more on acquiring tools soon enough tho..

In the meantime, here's a couple of kick ass big ass frames for those of you who are tall as fuck:

I'd SO totally get that shit if I had money to blow :-(


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NAHBS 2011: Wait, Tall Bikes? Really?!!

Yup, that's right! There were in fact THREE tall bikes on display at NAHBS. A fact that had my panties in a twist more than anything else. I made it a point to stop by and photograph each one and really take in all the details..

First and gnarliest of the bunch, was this Calfee Carbon Fiber with hemp wrap Tall bike.

I most certainly had mixed emotions about this one. At first I was like WTF?! Like someone was stepping on my toes and I had to fluff out my chest. I only say that cause there aren't too many people out there creating well built tall bikes with nice parts. Once the initial pissy-ness wore off I came to appreciate how cool it indeed was. Ugly as fuck, but pretty damn cool. I guess I was just pissed cause I actually started a Carbon Fiber tall bike project like 2 years ago but never finished it along with really, really wanting to put a Rohloff hub on one as well. So much for those ideas! Anyways, cool as shit..

I think this one was my favorite from Vulture Cycles:

It's got the right mix of parts, is painted black and has a cool flag hanging fromt the front. Fucking RAD! Having said that there's no way in shit I would ride a bike that tall. The thought of breaking a leg/arm and or wrist/ankle quickly comes to mind when and if a bail needs to be made from that height. Otherwise, yeah, pretty bitchin'!


That thing is SUCH a goddamn herp-a-derping doosey I can barely stand it! WORST design. WORST name. WORST parts. WORST fucking tall bike I have ever laid eyes on HANDS. DOWN. I'd rather look at one of those POS rich kid in disguise freegan gutter punk asshole's tall bikes than that hunk of shit. What a load of horse shit those things are! Not only did these assholes have this fucking thing on display, but they purposely locked like 3 of them right outside by the entrance in the other colors they offer the fucking douches!

 I first heard of them when I read Lyle's post about tall bikes. Seriously, those things shouldn't be seen outside of tourist hubs like Times Square cause lord knows how many people's retinas were burnt to a crisp at having to observe that 10 car pile up of a fucking thing. I SWEAR if I see a single one of those anywhere near the NY/NJ area I'm going to make it my mission to destroy it PERSONALLY. Anyone who's stupid enough to pay $1000+ for that POS deserves to be dragged out in the street and shot..

My thing, and what I've heard and talked about in person with many a cyclist, is that tall bikes should NEVER be something made on a mass marketed shite level like that. Some say they shouldn't even be offered for sale from custom builders either. While I see where their coming from, I kinda don't agree cause I feel like, so long as the person is cool and plans on actually using it, than it should be fine. That being said, I would have no problem personally offering people a chance at owning a tall bike if they are unable to build one themselves. Would you have to come over to hang out with me, get your hands dirty, grill some meat and drink a beer or three? Yes. I'm not down with working on something like that for/with someone unless I knew that it would suit their personality and they were good people in general. While that may come across as someone elitist, the truth of the matter is that I REALLY DON'T FUCKING CARE..

So here's where you might expect one of those twatty rich kids I mentioned earlier to say something like: Bike Culture not for sale! and or Cars suck! 

However the truth of the matter is Bike 'culture' is ALL about what's for sale with every fucking product filling every fucking niche until some ass munch (such as myself) feels the need to spread into another untapped category and when that doesn't work, make up their own. Also, cars don't suck. It's the ignorant fucks who drive them AND the retards who do stupid shit while riding their bikes to annoy said ingnorant fucks behind the wheel. Cars also come in handy when gee, I don't know, you need to TRAVEL ANYWHERE THAT'S NOT A MAJOR CITY. Get over it you fucking retards. That shit ain't going anywhere IN YOUR LIFETIME so you could at least use what pitiful efforts you put into cycling, when you're not using one of those lame ass polaroid apps, to actually try and C O E X H I S T with O T H E R  P E O P L E  out there aside from yourselves. And if you're not going to try, at least take off that rediculous sticker since it's really not helping anyone out ESPECIALLY that veil of street cred you think you have but totally don't..

PHEW! Been a while since I had a good one of those ehh?? Anyways, I've got a few more posts about NAHBS despite the fact that it's been over for like a week now. What can I say tho- 5 days and nights with not a single toke or spank in sight?? Gotta make up for lost time ;-)

Oh but wait, there's more!

I'm not sure if anyone else realized this- is it just me or did NAHBS not only have tall bikes show up on display for the first time, but their booklet was MUCH nicer than last year. I'm only wondering if that's the case because last year I brought a bunch of tall/freak bikes to the Philly Expo along with putting together a really nice little booklet as well. So yeah, paranoia here or what..? Def struck me as being a strange coincidence..

But enough of that shit, here's some sexy bike parts to make up for all the worthless ranting:

Also a couple (1&2) of nice wheel sets on ebay from Jared - thanks man!

Lastly a nice snap of Bfast one morning at Juan in a Million with the fellaz that I had hella fun with during my stay in Austin:
Great bunch of dudes! Thanks Mary!!

Alright, enough for now. More in the coming days..


Thursday, March 3, 2011

NAHBS 2011: Fuck bicycles- Let's go shoot GUNZ!

Aside from being a great cyclist and having quite the sexy stable of SICK bikes, Ross also has a few weapons that were in need of use while I was there. The gnarliest being this Serbu Super Shorty 12 Gauge Shotgun:


Basically he waited 8 months for the PITA paper work to come through to allow him to own a completely useless and super illegal weapon otherwise. I mean, COME ON! IT DOESN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THAT DOES IT?!! Everywhere we took this thing the gun nuts were drooling over that shit like it was a set of NOS sheriff stars or something (same era LF record's in my case) and inviting to him to all the private gun nut forums and machine gun parties. Which I get since it's so fucking sick! Of course we shot some video:

Yet another super embarrassing douchey video to add to the collection..

Now, to give you an idea of how brutal this weapon is, check out the Glock, bullets and gun case in the lower right hand corner once I fire the Serbu:

If you do the single frame by frame you can totally see the bullets doing a little dance!

Ross shooting his other shotgun:

Also rad!

The day after NAHBS we went out to the country to this kick ass little outdoor range to shoot clays and boxes n' sheeyt:

I wish I had some footie from the clay shooting cause that shit was WICKED fun! Too fun to document aside from the typical arty shots:

Afterwords I rented an AR .223 :-D

Ross setting up at the 50 yard section:

                                  aaaand knockin' em down!

That last one is sure to make for a wonderful new addition to his Facebook profile ;-)

Man! AR's really are THE SHIT! Check out my target from 50 yards:

That'll look great on my fridge! Oddly enough my first grouping was better than my second. Still super stoked on that near perfect bullseye!

All in all I'd say we had a super productive day. Boxes shot up, Clay's obliterated and I instilled Ross with the notion that he really should add an AR to his collection. More specifically, this 308. All that intro needs is a bunch of cheerleaders dancing or some shit- so reddic! Oh and this is the 1911 I was talking about along with this SCHWWEEEET STI TruBor 'race gun'. If you don't know what that means check this out. While that may strike you as a bit odd, it certainly strikes me as a bit fun! Hunting is just something I would never do but I looooove me some paper and steel targets ahh do!

Big ups to Ross for hooking me up with two super funtasically awesome days at the range with his weapons. Can't wait to do it again!!

More on my flickr as per usual..


Chrobin's Obree Replica appreciated by the man himself AND Chris Hoy!

I'm sure a lot of you recall Chrobin using his off beat ingenuity as opposed to a more classic approach to build his bikes. Well here's his latest creation being appreciated by two great cyclists:


If I'm not mistaken Chrobin traveled with the bike to make a world hour attempt (jk you crazy swedez!) and they were both at the track. I couldn't quite discern the nature of the scenario other than them just being there on their own accord doing their own thing. In any case, whatever's going on I hope that cray cray Swede keeps up the great work! I love seeing shit like this!!

More on


NAHBS 2011: Salt Lick BBQ!

For those of you fortunate enough to find yourselves at NAHBS this past week, might have also been lucky enough to have made your way out to The Salk Lick BBQ Restaurant. In preparation for our visit, I literally did not eat one fucking thing til we got there. As you could imagine by the time we arrived for dinner I was RAVENOUS! I nearly lost my mind once I saw the big huge pit of smokey meaty carcasses all glistening and slathered in god knows what:

I slipped like twice while I was near it taking some snaps the floor was so geasy! We sat down and were on the verge of banging our cutlery against the table we were all so famished. Once the food arrived all conversation diluted down to caveman-esq grunts of satisfaction and pleasure before we demanded even more meat before we had finished what was in front of us:

Not long after that did our orders of peach and blackberry cobbler arrive still warm and doused with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream. SO. FUCKING. GOOD!!!

When we got back home Ross laid his head on a pillow and didn't get up until a solid 12 hours passed by. I mean, talk about food coma! I'm really hoping to head back there one day to have another similar experience :-) If you're in the area, be sure to check it out!