Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Progress on the schmancy lugged True Temper aero seat tube frame!

Spent the weekend building the rear triangle and IT. WAS. A. DAAAWWG. Totally worth it tho cause now I have a bike with a fat ass that I can't help wanting to slap lol!:

The wheels are just for mock up but I'm kinda feelin' something similar for the final build, hehe..

Still have a ffffffffffFUCKLOAD of work to do on it. Internal cabling should be fun NOT REALLY. Then all the little spear points I made amongst other bits and pieces. Then like a hundred more things before this sexy beast is ready for paint. Real paint with any luck..

More soon..


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byrongostop said...

This is gergus. So curvsey. Thank you :)