Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Is a used Bianchi Pista Concept really worth $738?

Hells fucking No! Who in god's name would pay that much for a used concept frame?? Much less and new one. A NEW one is what, $600? I mean, I know that they're pretty desirable and all but come on! Shit, if a used one goes for that much on ebay I'd LOVE to see what a new one would go for. Damn.. If I didn't love mine I'd sell it just to see how much I could get...


® said...

agreed... eventhough i'd love to own one, it's way too much for a used. it's still my #1 dream frame man...maybe this will work?? ->

Dear Santa,
I know it is a lil' too late and old to ask from you but do you think you can still drop by and hang a large x'mas sock with a Black f'kin Bianchi Concept-51 in it? I'll be f'kin good next year!
promised! [3 finger scout gesture]


andrew w said...

this might have been a scam buyer with a price like that. i was watching this one myself just to see how high it would go. maybe i will put mine up on the bay.

CyclingWMD said...

I hope it was a scam buyer man. I'd hate to think there's actually someone out there who's that desperate. Besides rotten of course, hehe...

Jamez008 said...

Look guys, I worked at a bike shop for more than ten years. So I do know a thing or two about bikes. I totally agree with the authors assessment about the Bianchi frame. Judging on prices on ebay, owners are DREAMING about what to expect for a used bike; especially an "Italian" one. We stopped carrying Bianchi, when they went the way of the rest of the free world- CHINA. I rode on a hell of a lot of bikes. We HAD to take all repairs on a test ride. If it was a bike we loved, we often went down to the park and back, 3 miles. In all those year you know want tol know which Italian bike impressed me? Not a dam one. Sure they looked fucking cool as hell, but as far as perfection, hell no! I think most of those people who have (stupidly) bought expensive bikes, ALWAYS want too much for them when they stop riding. Even when the bikes is 20 years old? WTF? Let's take your Pista frame for example. You have to buy all new parts and we all know(or should know) that is the MUCHO EXPENSIVO way to a better bike. I guesss there are suckers born to buy these "Vintage" bikes. They don't ride any better than a GIANT racing bikes. Wow who want to ride a bike with such an uncool name right? LOL! I remember working on them and they were pretty good and a great deal for the money. Also, we all know the best part of any bikes is the person that rides it. If you don't ride all the time, you are gonna suck. It is just that simple. Shit I don't WANT to ride now anyway. All these crazy fucking drivers out there(me being one of them). I had a mid level eighties Bianchi that I bought for about $600.00. A lot of money for me at that time working at a bike shop. I sold it five years later for $300.00. Now I see the same bikes for sale and people want MORE than they originally paid for it?
What bullshit! Are those same idiots try to say those bikes are "collectors?" Give me a fucking break! I'll tell you what they are. A pain in the ass, literally! New, wheels, new parts, etc= more bullshit. If you want to get out there with a racing bike, you should be able to find one! The way the dollar is right now it SHOULD BE EASIER not harder to find a bike. Also, don't get me wrong, I also have a soft spot for my old Bianchi but not some idiot who is selling one for the 1980's for a grand? NOT!
OK I will give you my favorite rides. My old boss had a bike and I borrowed it for the weekend once. If you get a chance to get this bike- DO I T! PEGEOT PX10. What a fun and responsive bike!
Even better ride, TREK Tour La France bike. That was really the best ever! That company really pushes the envelope when it comes to bike tech.
Remember that many of those older bikes are using outdated tech. It is just a fact. Composite bikes are the future, not metal bikes. Then again you could get smoked by an eager rider on an old clunker, SCHWINN!
Happy 4th to all!

Oh yeah if you are in the NYC area Go visit Jim Skelly at NYACK BICYCLES OUTFITTERS
He's been there for 40 years. He is one of the BEST!