Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yamaguchi Frame Building School: ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT!

Holy fuck has there ever been a lot going on in the shop the last few days! As far as timing goes Brian and I are looking pretty good. Still have a few details to finish up but we're both on the home stretch. Right now I have my front triangle all brazed up and the chain stay tacked. Gotta miter out the seat stays next and then braze the whole rear triangle up. Then I've got a few additional braze ons to install. My fork is like 90% right now only needing some touch ups here and there. Stem is like 75% since I added some more silver to it today to build up some of the original bronze fillets. Then I just have to install the clamp bolt braze ons and cut the clamps open. So yeah, two days should be more than enough to to git er done!

Right then, on to the photoz!

Brian getting schooled in the ways of the Master:

Then Koichi brought out a frame newly painted for a customer:

MAN did that thing ever sparkle! Dude's gonna be all types of stoked!!

Later on in the day he brought out three more gems for me to drool on:

SS Cyclocross:

Lovin' that integrated seat bolt clamp!

Some 3Rensho throwback steez:

Fucking was LIGHT! And how about that fork?!! Bummed I forgot to take some snaps of the under side of the BB shell tho. There was some HUGE holes cut into it! Also, the duct tape bar wrap was an amusing touch..

Lastly would be my fav of the lot, a SUPER SUCK TT Tarck:




Holy fuck I am ever DYING to take that thing out for a spin! Lord knows that's not going to happen anytime soon :-(

There LOTS more snaps from the day that I added to my flicker set so be sure to check em out!

Anyways, that's all for now. Hopefully I'll have enough time to squeeze in some more shots before the end of the trip. I have some random snaps from the area which I'll post tomorrow since I'm pretty destroyed right now..



tokyofixedgear said...

I asked Mr Yamaguchi if he built this USA frame and he said unlikely but the yellow fork so so similar.

CyclingWMD said...

Damn, talk about craziness! But yeah, he doesn't really make most of that weird upper level racing type stuff. I think he likes to save that shit for the actual teams..

Derek said...

When I saw the CX bike...

...I came.