Saturday, December 1, 2007

Red with Envy or Red with Hate?

Here's my newly re-re-completed (I know it's WAY too red) Mercian Vincitore Track bike. I recently had this mofo resprayed because as you can see from it's initial incarnation the lavender panels were reeeeally annoying. That and the original red was tired looking. Lord knows there's NOTHING better than a fresh coat of candy apple red to get a goooood chub goin'!
Pics now, specs and story later...

Saved the best for last:

Lots more pics on my Flickr set...

I acquired this frame a few years ago and have been loving and building it up ever since. Not really sure why I went all crack head crazy with the red. I guess I just really dig monochromatic bikes. Anyways, I originally bought it with the Campy cranks (pictured), Phil Wood Bottom Bracket, Zipp 440 carbon rims laced to Campy Sheriff Star hubs along with a bunch of rag tag parts for $300.......... No, I'm not shitting you. I paid $300 for EVERYTHING. It's an amazingly LONG story which I promise I'll tell one of these days in another post. In any case, it looks NOTHING like it did when I first got it. It's totally tricked out in all types o' RED now sucka!...


Vintage Philipe Adjustable stem and Bars
Chris King Headset
Campagnolo Record Pista cranks
Phil Wood BB
MKS RX-1 pedals
Campagnolo Aero Post
Richard Sachs Selle Saddle
Velocity Deep V's laced to Phil Wood Hubs
And an assload of other red parts...



® said...

GRRR... SMACK in the face this time!!! I HATE it not because it's RED [i like red a lot] but because it's NOT mine! :(


Auntie Maim said...

Fairgrounds for REDonculous
Well done, buoy!

CyclingWMD said...

Hehehe, Thanks a lot guys!!