Monday, June 1, 2009

Brooklyn Bike Jumble: A ROUSING SUCCESS!!!

Which is something I'm wicked stoked about since I can never get my ass head out to Trexler Town EVER. The day was super nice and relaxed. Lots of cool bike porn and parts. Saw/met/BSed with a lot of the fellas from the NYC fixed forum too. I arrived at 10:15ish thinking it would be relatively dead but it was quite the opposite. It got progressively busier and busier throughout the day too! I was going to get a crowd shot but I totally spaced. I have to say it was def a lot more difficult to pay attention to, well, anything else with all the good shit for sale. I had to keep reminding myself to take photos in between spooging all over everything! I mean, check this shit out:

I just wanted to grab all four coners and make a break for it! That or just wrap myself up in it all snug like... weird

There were a bunch of rad show bikes for the little 'best of' contest:

Sasha was able to finish up his Dick Power just in time for the day:

So classic! Esp next to my Yamaguchi. Would've been nice if I'd known everyone was going to bring super classy lugged bikes. Though it was def an amusing contrast having it there..

The winners of the contest were as follows:

The winners were:
Best As-Found - Alex Singer
Best Restoration - Fiorelli Roadster
Most NY - Dick Power
Best in Show - Devotion's bike, built by himself.

Def no surprises on the winners. All super awesome bikes!

I also met up with this kid who was awesomely named Alan as well to give him a chainring he had won from me on ebay. He showed up on this sweet Merckx (temp swapped front wheel due to blown tubular):

The sweet thing about it, aside from being a Merckx in great condition of course, is that he got it for all of $550! That's with a FULL suntour group, Cinelli alloy stem/bars and Campy Record pedals- SO SICK!!!

Speaking of sick, I was really into this AWESOME side by side bike:

It looks to be a conversion kit of sorts that just bolted onto a regular frame! One of my favorite bikes from the day for sure. Bummed me out tho cause I saw them riding away but wasn't really able to get any decent footage of it in operation..

Justin showed up with his bitchin' 3Rensho roadie:

We were talking about the way he had it set up and in my honest opinion, vintage and or classic steel bikes really look great with like, vintage campy record etc.. But you really can't beat the shifting accuracy and dependability of more modern groups. Not to mention not feeling guilt about wearing the stuff out if you plan on REALLY riding it hard. Some of my personal favs are Shimano Ultegra 6500, 105, and the older 600 stuff..

More pics on my Flickr set

Even more here too..

My own personal scores for the day included this great condition vintage Campy 47T chainring for $40 bones:

and this HED3 rear road wheel for $160! (I didn't have a $5 bill):

Original owner, Great condition, used in TT's only and the tubular is the only one that's ever mounted and barely has any wear on it!

The catch of course is this little ding:

Which is so retardedly easy to fix it's not even funny. A combination of a little tapping with a ball pien hammer and very lightly filing it down a little flatter will make a world of differnce. Not to mention tossing a Conti Gatorskin Tubular on there too. Those Tofu racing jammies pop like a freaking ballon on the smallest pothole. Though the one 'bummer' is that with all the HED3 wheels I've acumulated, that being four, I have now surpassed the price of ONE new one- YES!!!

The main thing about getting that wheel is it now gives me the perfect excuse to build a rad roadie. Esp since I haven't really ridden one at all in THE longest time. I'd like to build up another locker type job like my last one. We'll see though. There's plenty of other amusing ideas rolling around in my head right now too..

ANYways, as for the show, it was an amazing first time turnout! I'm looking forward to next years jumble/show for sure. I can only imagine it being even bigger with more fancy pants bikes, parts and a whole lot of wheelin' and dealin'..

Nicely done Harry!



mesmertron said...

beauties the lot of them. do you happen to know what the bike behind the kids blue Merckx is? Looks kinda like this Torrot I just nabbed.

CyclingWMD said...

To be honest, I couldn't really get past ogling the Merckx to take notice of the other bike..

Danny Gonzalez said...

Thanks for posting the great photo of my blanket full of goodies. Nice to be pick of the litter.

I appreciate the props!

Danny Gonzalez