Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Before and After Nagasawa Repair/Re-Paint Pics!

Our local NYC fixed forum Admin Sashae just got his Nagasawa back today after having the stays rot out from rust a few months back. Thing looks SO NICE now!

The Badthoughness before:


He basically went nuts when he worked on the frame.
- replaced both chainstays, chainstay bridge
- replaced track ends
- replaced top tube
- replaced head tube, head lugs
- replaced fork crown, reraked fork
- replaced brake bridge
- added cable guides
- added downtube/fork gussets for use with a brake

So yeah, he basically got a whole new frame, hehe. That and it was def like watching a strip tease the way he was uploading only a couple of photos at a time..

He rides that bitch in the streets a lot so I don't want to hear any BS about the set-up not being all NJS or some shit!


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