Monday, September 14, 2009

NYC Bike Jumble 2.0!

Okay so it's 4am, I just got finished processing all the photos and have been watching Mad Men for the past 5 hours. Suffice it to say my brain is fried and I could reeeeeaaallly use a hummer from my secretary right about now..

In any case, here's some photos from yet another great day nerding out on bike stuff:

NJS bike pile:

Which as you can see here is something that hot chicks can appreciate as well..

Speaking of foxy!:

Stocking stuffers:

This New chrome Masi ssssllllaayyed me- SO SEXY!

Lots more snaps here..

I was expecting to see a lot more familiar faces but I think the Century ride sucked up a lot of people. Though I don't understand why- ride a 100 miles or buy, sell and bullshit about nerdy bike stuff with fellow bike nerds. Where are your priorities people?! ;)

Once again, my thanks to Harry and all the vendors for another great day! Great seeing all of you again and meeting a bunch of new people as well. Looking forward to the next one fellas!



Cayle said...

You slay me!

atanz said...

what was I thinking?! I can't believe I chose the century over the jumble...

Anonymous said...

Was it just about fixies and pretty bikes or was there anything about functional bikes as well?

CyclingWMD said...

Anonymous - Yes of course, but I figure no one really wants to hear about how stoked I was to pick up a Shimano HG 8 speed cassette for my friends lock up bike build..

Anonymous said...

Underwhelmed by the bike jumble.
Nothing truly cool or lightweight.
All parts road centric. Nobody even had a set of ATB pedals.
Nobody selling lights or bells.
All the low end $150 bikes flew out tho.

Highlight was the cute girls test riding the cheap heavy bikes.

CyclingWMD said...

Anonymous #2 - Yeah, def not as much of a hub bub as the first one but it was still nice. Esp the cuties test riding bikes and Curtis doing the same while he was wasted and overtly flirtatious, hehe..