Tuesday, September 22, 2009


God damn this thing is so fucking RAD!


Name: Electric Dream Machine

Build year: 2009

Builders: Mike

Idea: Full suspension bike using car springs.

Reality: One of the more complicated builds we've ever done. Started with a BMX size bike, welded in a steel plate, a Subaru Impreza spring, a second plate, and the modified rear from another bike. Added a fixed pivot point (fork ends and a wheel hub) to prevent side-to-side movement. Added another bottom bracket for a bit more realistic pedal position (for an adult, that is). The front end, using 2 more springs, was a total nightmare but came out alright.

Name origin: Painted and decalled to resemble what I would imagine a mid-1980s downhill bike to look like - flashy magentas and baby blues to compliment a radical frame design. Name is based off the equally flamboyant 1980s-style duo of Dennis and Charlie from 'Always Sunny'.

Difficulty to ride: Not bad, just a little pedal bob.



kale said...

"Just a little pedal bob"

I would have thought pedal bob was the goal.

CyclingWMD said...

Right?! I'd look for the nearest loading dock if I had that thing..

The Shed Master said...

I want to drink some beers with these folks.