Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hooooly fucking OUCH dude!!


Monday, June 29, 2009

From the usual to the oohhwwwwhhaaaat?!

All expensive. The first two in need of a bit of love..

This one however, would like to love you by cramming a saddle WAY up your ass- check out that geo!

Awesomely way too big Jack Taylor Tandem:

Thanks Budda!

Nut-tastic Masi:

AWESOME 7' fucking foot tall Raleigh sign:

whuuuuuut theee fuuuck Rossin Vintage TT:

aaaawwweeeesssomest beach cruiser EVER!:

Chicks and Bikes wheeh you at?!

She's got that disgruntled look on her face that makes you want to say: 'Oh just shut up and look pretty for me a second wouldja?'

Where as with this one you might say something like: 'Baaabe, do you think you could do that thing with my cum again tonight?'

aaaand a $1200 bell.. yes, a freaking BELL:


Friday, June 26, 2009

My profile up on Bike Blog!

For those of you who follow Bikeblog, you'll know that Brian's been doing these great profile type interviews with some of the more popular bike blogs and cyclists out there. This week I was FINALLY able to complete my profile for him. Which I have to say was super fuckin' hard man! Mostly because I often have way too much to say and don't know where to start. Imagine a funnel overflowing with a gak like liquid. That's just how my brain 'functions' most of the time unfortunately. Don't even get me started with numbers! Fucking dyslexia.. In any case, he was very pleased with it so it's up there now. Check it out!

A big thanks to Brian for granting me the opportunity to complete a generous challenge and doing all that he does for the cycling community- Keep on keepin' awn man! Let's talk TALL soon!!



More info plzkthx!

Won't you be.. my neighbor!

Thanks Jason!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Y'all mufukuz be knockin' da Jerz but you don't kno kid!

Wow.. so bad yet SO GOOD!!! As much as I hate this sort of shit the second someone turns it into an anthem for the one and only Jerz, ah gotst ta sho mah suppawht! 201 suhyn!!


3 stars dead within 48 hours?- Crazy!

Ed McMahon:

Farrah Fawcett:

and now Micheal Jackson?!

What are the fuckin' chances to have this all happen within a 48 hour time period?!

Could this be the first sign of the pistapocalypse???


Bitchin' Paint job on this Watanabe!

This Bottecchia is also pretty sweet too:

AND.. Ital Techno has just about one of every size and color of those super sweet Cinelli Supercorsa Pista frames in stock!

All of which are super




If someone could point me in the direction..

..of a more 60-90's roadie version of this old shop that would be great!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Now this is more like it!

A COMPLETE 03' Pista Cuntcept w/Dura Ace all around for $867!

As opposed to a frame and fork only for $942 or a beat to shit one for $325..

Had it not been for a couple of recent purchases I would've snagged it up. Then sold the frame and fork alone just to see how much it would've gone for. That def would've made for an interesting experiment..


Monday, June 22, 2009

Girly girl bike alert!

This one's for all the poor saps out there DESPERATELY trying to get their girly girlfriends to ride bikes with them (amongst other things) and are wasting their time and money attempting to assemble something 'pretty' for them..

Yeah.. Good luck with that chumpy..

A) They're not going to ride it and you'll just end up getting half of what you paid for it..

B) If they didn't enjoy riding bikes to begin with they're most likely not going to start..

C) If they do end up enjoying it, it'll give them yet ANOTHER thing to nag you about every time they need pressure in their tires or the chain pops off- 'my bike is broken!' and my personal favorite: 'I don't like it cause all the colors don't match right'

D) You get to 'D' and you realize you have to keep your mouth shut to avoid getting in the dog house anymore than you likely already are..


I am just beside myself right now..

..in shock and awe at how much this old school Dura Ace 10 Inch Pitch group DIDN'T cost me:

$500 hundy for a full group in mint-ish unused condition?! Un-freaking real!!

+$25 for a an extra 16T cog and the chain IS included- sssssUUUper STOKED!

The AX post has gotst ta gizzo tho.. Any takerz?

The funny thing is that not more than a week ago did I consider this group as being perfect for a build I've been stumped on the last couple of months. Only I knew for a fact I would never get my hands on a complete DA10 set in decent condition for anywhere near $500..

God I love being wrong sometimes!

The same seller also has this beautiful 52cm ctt Strawberry Roadie frame for sale as well. I'd pick that shit up in a heartbeat if A) I had the extra cash B) It wasn't a 650c frame and most importantly C) I had a little lady to build it for..

Oh and here's a cool shot of the DA gear from the 1982 Shimano catalog:

Did I mention how totally stoked I am??

Probably the one great thing about having nothing better to do at 3am than cruise around the bay..


Friday, June 19, 2009



..what I wouldn't give to ride and skate this freaking place!!!

Funnily enough it turns out it's not LA or Arizona which were my first thoughts, it's actually a hydro power plant in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A mere 4 hour drive from my hometown in Croatia! Which I'm going to shortly but more on that later. BE SURE to check out the rest of the images in the muslauf blog's flickr set. The sheer scope and size of the place will blow your fuckin' mind!


What do you do when you can't afford a Pista Cuntcept?

The answer is simple: Why spend $942 on a used Cuntcept when for a mere $325 you can get a totally busted up one instead!:



..will the brilliance never cease to amaze me? will it??


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Would someone please..

..PLEASE rip those fucking blue tires and rims of this Hetchins!

Pretty wicked though otherwise!

What's also wicked is the fact that there's Ultegra 6500 ROAD CRANKS on this one:

Who gets a fraking Hetchins track frame and then puts SHIMANO road cranks on it?!

Nevermind the rest of the unfortunate group.. so sad :'-(


Monday, June 15, 2009

Apparently I spoke too soon..

..because not only do I have something to share that's cycling related but better still, it'll make you totally ralph in your mouth! or at least on the couch..





As if those fucking things weren't bad enough as I was browsing their selection of prints I was taken aback in COMPLETE HORROR at how un-fraking-believably douchey this shit looks on the back of a god damned dutch cruiser..


Is this really the state of affairs? I mean, seriously.. Are people out there really interested in this sort of shit? I get the bikes cause you know, they def look a lot better than those cheesy fucking comfort bikes. Granted just about anything does but oh man.. I'm choking from disgust over here right now. In fact, I think the only thing that would make me feel better right about now is actually seeing someone stopped at a red light on one of these set-ups and barfing all the fuck over them..


I've got nuthin'..

..for you mofos today. Working on stuff.. But nothing worth showing off yet. Such a bummer! This weekend was a bit of a bummer too other than the fact that I was able to work on redoing my place. I spent Saturday reorganizing and ripping out all the old heating vents that were an insufferable source of dust having being disconnected YEARS ago.

My buddy Luis was AWESOME enough to give me his old super suede couch upon moving into his new place a couple of weeks ago. Fucking couch is wwwwwicked! He said he paid like $5k for it 10 years ago and aside from a little normal wear here and there it's perfect. I'd been admiring the couch for as long as I've known him so I'm really excited to be able to adorne it with my naked bodice now and again in the privacy of my own home..

I only mention the couch because I thought for those of you in need of some lathe action would be interested in how I cleaned up the feet of said couch:

It's funny cause you'd think Stainless steel wouldn't look so dull and tarnish like that. Anyways, the key is to mount a power drill in a vise and lock it into the on position. After that I just tightened the chuck down onto the threaded bolts and applied even pressure with a course sand paper followed but a finer one to bring it to a smoother shine. I would have made something more elaborate so as not to damage the threads but in this case that wasn't an issue..

Back to more interesting cycling related things soon tho I promise! Once I've gotten sick of looking at rad 60's mod funiture anyways..


Friday, June 12, 2009


..than using a tape measure:

Same dude has like one of every vintage campy derailleur ever made for sale too..


VERY nice Scorcher style Indy Fab Club racer..

..on the bay

For those of you unfamiliar with the Ibis Scorcher:

Funnily enough, I got one of the original frames a while back for a $100


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And some of you assholes think I'm obsessed with orange!



Oh Ben's, how thou maketh me swoon!

Okay, not so much swooning as just giving me a raging hardon- BOIYOYOYOYOING!!!

That photo looks like it's straight off the cover of a fraking porno!

Though unlike porn, Campy bling is not cheap and is VERY classy.. and doesn't leave you soul and hardrive in ruins :'-(


Saw this Bottecchia come and go the other day..

..within like an hour or so!

I was going to go meet the seller to have a look at it, with the intention to look around and see what else he may or may not have lying around, but someone snagged it and he never got back to me after initally agreeing to meet up :-(