Friday, August 28, 2009


As many of you may know I've been helping my buddy Dennis out with selling some of these AMAZINGLY RAD Custom Bob Jackson frames. Well he's dropped the prices EVEN LOWER with what he still has available so be sure to take a look and send em to your friends. ESP the friends who think it's really smart to spend $800+ on a freaking 5 year old used Pista Concept. I have one of those along with one of these frames and the ride from the BJ steel is INFINITELY much better!

$800 + Shipping!!!

LOTS more pics on my Flickr set too!

Details include Reynolds 631, Paul adjustable dropouts, Dimpled rear ST, Two colors, Lug lining and Drilled front fork. Geo for the frames with the red type is a little more lax than the ones without. Both geos are great for street riding..

53ct ST CTT, 53cmTT

Sexy Black Matte with PINK panels:

56cm ST CTT, 56cm TT

Classic British Racing Green with Cream White panels and (Partial) Blue lug lining:

By 'partial' I mean the person originally painting the frame must've spaced and missed a couple of spots. Easily touched up. This frame is also built up right now but have NEVER been used. Slight discount could be applied.. IF NO ONE BUYS IT THIS TIME I WILL!!!

57cm ST CTT, 56cm TT

Matte Grey with Red front panel and Blue lining:

If someone buys the green one than I'm going to buy this one, SPRAY PAINT IT BLACK AND LOCK IT UP AROUND TOWN..

55cm ST CTT, 55cm TT

Bronze with Blue lug lining:

51cm ST CTT, 52cm TT

Silver with Red and Yellow lug lining:

49cm ST CTT, 52cm TT

PLEASE NOTE: This frame is indeed light metallic blue but does not have the goldish panels as this one pictured. Just plain w/lug lining as the one pictured above..

55cm ST CTT, 55cm TT
Silver with White front panel and Blue lug lining and ST bands:

To those of you who are SERIOUSLY interested, please contact me and we can go from there:

Also, ordering one direct from Jackson with the same features and shipping is going to cost about the same AND will take who knows how long to actually be built. These are all ready to ship ASAP and located in the SF Bay Area..


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat..



My Uncle Bruno hooked us up with a wicked tasty BBQ the other day and I'm still not over it. He's got a great place here in Zadar. He and his family reside on one floor while he rents the other two out for families on holiday. I took some snaps around his yard which doubles up as his garden. Take note of the grape flavored fence..

Anyways, my trip is nearly at an end and I should be back in akshun full time next week..


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quite possibly THE WORST Nagasawa build I have ever seen...

This is the last thing I need to stumble across while on vacation: sad :'(

As is this, this and this for being too big..

p.s. I really am getting sick of these fucking PCs!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wu-Tang Alleycat this Saturday!

Watch 36 Chambers and read up on your Wu history:

A Stoned Tone and J. Krillz Production..