Monday, April 19, 2010

The 2010 New York Auto Show..

..made wish I was at a bike show instead. However there were still some pretty gnarly cars so I took a few snaps anyways..

Oh whoops, I didn't mean to jizz on the hood of your R8:


I was happy to see one of my fav whips in my color combo no less:

Getting a Lambo is probably one of the first things I would do if I ever won the lottery. It's just one of those typical cars every boy growing up in the 80's freaking LOVED (second only to a 72' Pantera). If Countach's didn't drive like absolute shite I'd prefer one of those. In any case, I would make it a point to get one and wrap it around a tree during what could only be refereed to as a soul deadening C+P binge ASAP! Some dude by my place was actually selling a 1972 Lamborghini Espada and I wanted it SO. BAD. Shit just looks SO. FUCKING. PIMP!!!

ANYways, I'll just have to stick with the bicycles because lord knows NOTHING good could possibly come out of a budgetless car obsession..

More on my flickr set!



tpearl said...

My old man used to drive a '72 De Tomaso.

Dude would be working on that thing every spare minute he got when he was supposed to be watching the babies. Pretty sweet ride, even if it is Italian w a Ford heart.

Sam said...

Skateboards, bikes, fast cars. Your blog so accurately reflects my existence. Except for that R8, which is a monstrosity IMO. R8 < M3 < 335i < CLK63

JamesL said...|288|,T=|tab0|%29%29

Got the Campy Rimz!