Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Got a few collectibles for sale on the bay right now: ATTN PHOTO NERDZ!!

This shit is totally for the photo book nerds out there:

I was lucky enough to hang out with Peter a few times at his place out in Montauk. He asked me to help him figure out his new digital camera that was covered with dried blood and told me THE MOST unconscionably racist jokes I've ever heard. All while I was trying super hard not to step on or crush anything in his place since every single surface was covered with his artwork and other random stuff. It was like being a part of one of his journals..

A stack of signed Bruce Davidson East 100th street re-editions:

A signed Gilles Peress Print from his book entitled: Farewell To Bosnia

There's a few of other things like a Mamiya 7 I body and 65mm Lens as well:

PLEASE be sure to forward this shit around to any and all of your photo buddies so I can make some caaaaasssshh monies. I know the shit may seem very expensive but I've seen all that stuff sell for a FUCKLOAD more! In any case, I'm just tryin to get rid of stuff I don't need so I can buy more of other shit I don't need- AWESOME!

Lastly, here's some cycling entertainment:

Someone needs to turn that into a gif where the lasers are pulsating or something..



scorch said...

...and why did you have to join the company of Americans who discriminate the rest of the world by going, "oh, only ship to US, rest of the world don't bother"? :(

CyclingWMD said...

Do you want to know why? It's because EVERY SINGLE TIME I've opened bidding up to anywhere other than the US, England, Canada and Japan the high bidders NEVER PAY OR TRY TO SCAM ME ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. So yeah, I'm SO terribly sorry but I'm going to have to 'discriminate' the rest of the world. Money talks and bullshit walks. I can't be bothered with the extra hassle and ebay fees for unpaid items due to 0 feedback fishing bidders from Nigeria etc..

scorch said...

I see how you feel, fair enough. However, it usually sends us, citizens of third world countries :) into a circle of doom - i can't buy cause there's no feedback, and there's no feedback cause nobody would sell me stuff :) Anyhow best of luck with your sale Alan

the future said...

Lazertits always brings a smile :)