Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Slacker Group Ride Series This Sunday June 27th! Abandoned Power Plant Photo fun, Picnic, BBQ and DUNE!

I had a bit of scheduling conflicts the last few weekends but now this ride is FINALLY going down!

Up next is going to be a lovely ride up the Henry Hudson River Greenway for a Photo Safari and Picnic at the old abandoned Glenwood Power Plant:

Date: Sunday June 27th

Meet time will be a NOON at the one, the only, DONUT PLANT located a few blocks SE of the Williamsburg bridge on 379 Grand Street. We'll load up on a fuck load of sugar and Bialys from Kossars next door for the ride up there and then we'll be leaving PROMPTLY by 12:30!

I know that there'll be a few uptowners on this ride. A good meeting spot would be at the park along 125th by the Fairway Market or somewhere by the GWB. Email me so we can discuss timing, exchange numbers and consider donut options..

Need: Bicycle, helmet, lights, and a conquered fear of leaving your own borough!

Optional: Snacks, fireworks, :beer:, :smoking:, :snort:

I'm not very familiar with that section of Yonkers but I'm sure we'll do just fine if we wing it by the seat of our iPhones. It looks like there's going to be a few riders who've done the route before with us so that'll also help. We'll locate a deli or some such along the way for picnic foods. For those that are TRULY adventurous, we could follow up the ride by hanging at my place in the Jerz (no big hills I SWEAR) and having ourselves a kick ass BBQ in my backyard..


The DIRECTORS CUT of David Lynch's 1984 classicly amazing DUNE will be screened :metal:

Afterwords getting back to the city is a sinch by either heading back over the GWB or taking the PATH train from Hoboken. There's also the ferry from Port Imperial but it's like 8 bucks with your bike. Fast, pretty view, expensive..

Lastly, this will be a medium pace chill ride. There's a few places where it's fun to open up and haul ass but leaders should always make it a point to hold up further ahead and wait for the rest of the group to catch up. Bring a sweet bike out if you want. I'll undoubtedly take some photos..

Here's the Approx Route..

I've never been to the Glenwood Power Plant but it's one of those things I've been DYING to do for a while now. This should be a wicked fun day so try and make it out for this one if you missed the last ride to the Russian Buffet and Rockaways. We'll do that one again soon tho- promise!


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