Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Rack only a true Masochist could love!

The Dungin' Donuts Rack!!

With a spin of the quick release she's open (if only I had a spare campy one available!):

The door is easily removed via the rear wheel bolt on skewer that doubles up as a hinge pin:

Making the transport of other items a snap!

Of course there's room for a front brake..

..and there you have it- stoked!!

Talk about PITA tho- there's only like a 100+ welds on the fucking thing! All told it took me a good full day and a bit to git er done. I also managed to accidentally light myself on fire! Which left my Milwaukee hoody with a nice six inch hole in the front that I now wear with more pride than ever :-)

The rack weights 3.94 lbs with the top and 2.63 lbs without it..

Larger pics on my flickr page..

I admit it's a bit reddic mounted on the mini tall tarck but I needed to mock it up on a straight bladed fork. The reason behind my building it was for the Secret Santa Handmade Gift swap that was held this past weekend. The reason why we had it now WAY past xmas is because Justin, the brains of the operation, was away during the weeks leading up to the holidays. Leaving the event without an organizer. We all had so much fun with it last year that we decided to save it for February since it's just about the shittiest month ever. This year's was HUGE with 30 people swappin' away. I should have the snaps from this years up pretty soon, tho there is a fuck load of em! 

Anyways, I'm pretty sure the giftee I was assigned has an IRO with a straight bladed fork so the rack should fit on his bike properly. For whatever reason he couldn't make it to the swap so I was unable to give it to him. Which actually works out great since I guess I can just keep it now- YES!!

So if you're local and would fancy yourself a no frills, fun and custom rack, hit me up! I'm still learning and need all the practice I can get :-)



morgman said...

Alan this is awesome! Jodi and I now have our custom racks from Lyle, tested to 200 pounds of course!

CyclingWMD said...

Thanks man! and yeah, I've been scoping Lyle's stuff out as he's been makin' em- good shit! :-)

morgman said...

I'm having to get used to far more than the usual amount of comments about my girlfriend's rack. I've got to admit, it is NICE!

splitting the middle said...

Kudos, that is just fantastic!