Monday, March 26, 2012

Have you ever wondered what 26 True Temper Curved Aero seat tubes look like?

Well wonder no longer:

Looks awesome don't it?! Well, aside from the fact that something about the photos hurt my eyes..

I heard was selling them off for a measly $6 each so I picked up the rest of what they had in stock along with a bunch of other really great tubing- STOKED!

Thanks Michael!

Oh and here's what my Anvil fork Jig looks like BTW:


God, making a fork with that thing was like a joke it was so easy! It's what I used to make the fork to go with the Hail Satan Porteur I made a few weeks back..

Lastly, I just posted this ultra rare Nitto Adjustable stem on the bay:

As you can see from the background I've got a new work bench going (needs 5000k bulb STAT). It's just one of a few that I've built in the recent weeks to accommodate the workspace more efficiently. I'm happy to say that I'm finally done building and with a little more organizing it'll be all set. It's great having the shop all built up properly, but what I'm really dying to do is spend time working IN it as opposed to on it. Soon tho, very soon..



craig said...

I want a CWMD bike. Can this happen once you get going?

Alan Sikirič said...

Sure thing man- stoked you'ew interested! I'll be acquiring a lot more tools over the next few months but I'll be building come the end of next month when the jig arrives. First round of BETA test frames are going out to close friends for feedback but after that, I'm hoping to be gtg to take orders! Stay tuned and be sure to remind me :)

craig said...

Awesome, The aesthetic you have is so rad. I'll be keeping a watch out and saving my pennies.

Alan Sikirič said...

I really appreciate the good words man! Start thinkin' about what you want and we'll put it together when I'm ready..