Friday, November 2, 2012

Breezy Point, NY: Hurricane Sandy aftermath..

A friend of mine and I went out to Breezy point Wednesday morning after the hurricane. He was on assignment for a magazine and I had a car with a full tank of gas. We pulled up at like 6:30am and walked around for a few hours documenting the devastation. My friend needed to head home to hand in his photos by noon so we took off. We went back around 4pm and there was a checkpoint right by the front entrance to Tilden. My buddy didn't have a press pass so they turned us away. We turned around, parked at the bus stop there and proceeded to walk through Tilden and along the beach 2 miles til we got back to Breezy Point. By that time there were more reporters filming and the FDNY was finishing up with putting out the last remnants of smoldering fire..

Here are some photos and a quick vid I shot that day:

LOTS more photos up on my flickr set and on tumblr. BE SURE to share them..

I was one of the lucky ones and had no real issues aside from some power outage. My place and family are all cool. I'll likely be out and about the next few days continuing to document the devastation hurricane Sandy inflicted in the tri state area. Once I can get my hands on some gas of course. I must've passed 50 gas stations yesterday and not a single one was open. Thank god for motorcycles and their high gas milage!

Anyways, in less depressing bike related news, the new frame I've been mentioning is all done and built up. I brought it to the Philly Expo this past Sunday so some of you may have seen it there. I'll have photos of it up soon enough. Just figured the photos from Breezy Point should have priority..


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