Thursday, November 29, 2012

Since I've been semi obsessed with instagram lately.. should follow my ass there: alansikiric

I'm about to start working on a new project in the shop. Another rolling stand for the new Jet milling machine I recently acquired. I figure I'd post some progress photos so you can see how things are going in semi real time. Check it out when you get a chance!

I'll be sure to post a final snap or two here once I'm done..


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Few more things for sale!

Prices DO NOT include shipping charges!

Rare size 167.5mm Campagnolo Pista Track cranks in very lovely condition: $225
Comes with NOS Campy dust caps, Campy crank bolts and washers, Campy chainring bolts..

Chainring ON THE LEFT for the crank above:

47T Campagnolo 1/32 ring in good used condition: $25

Fast as fuck Zipp T2 Track hubs, probably the only ones made in 32 hole, includes silver Euro Asia 16T cog- $325

These hubs were laced but are in essentially unbroken in condition. Might have like 50 miles on em if that. Was planning on building them up again but never got around to it. Don't really even want to sell them but oh well..

They normally only come in 28H but I somehow managed to convince Zipp to make em in 32H. When I got them they said, enjoy! Now we're never making a pair of those in 32 again since they were a PITA. I mean, anything over like 5 spokes is kinda wack for them ya know..? I know they used to make them but these are the more updated version made for me after they stopped making them in 32H..

Early HED deep dish carbon fiber wheelset with freewheel 7 speed hub, Continental Gatorskin Tubulars and Shimano Sante cassette- $300

The wheels spin super nice and smooth and the gatorskins have tons of life left in em. Spokes are bladed too!

WILL NOT SELL THE FRONT SEPARATELY YOU FIXIE JUNKIE! I found the separately and put them together. They should stay like that. Rad set of fucking wheels for your Townie project!

First person to make solid plans gets their item! If you're local, I should be in town tomorrow and can meet you wherever. Just let me know..


Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Latest Creation: Glossy Black Track!!

Wow, bout fucking time I got around to posting this beast huh?!


If at this point you're reminded of being high, eating ramen and dreaming of women's derrieres, then my job is done. Seriously tho, fucking thing is one sexy ass noodly lookin' bitch!

Larger snaps on my Flickr, Tumblr and now in Instagram! User name: alansikiric

Not sure what to call this mofo other than Lyle's description: WMguchetchinsD ..I'll have to ask Prollz to come up with a good black death metal name for me ;-)

As for the details, the parts obviously came off my Yamaguchi Asymmetric since I don't have cash for any new parts these days. That and since I noticed a wrinkle starting to rear its ugly head on the seat tube of the frame, AGAIN, it's been a wall hangar ever since. The parts are too sweet to not see the light of day so I decided to get em rolling again..

The frame is a funky mix of different tubing. Stuff I had lying around and from ebay etc.. The two interesting things is that the TT is actually a Columbus curly ST. I know, but what can I say? It just looked wwwWAY more bitchin' that the original straight aero tube I was planning on using. The notion of which amuses the shit out of me since I'm probably the only dumbass out there who owns a bike with not one but TWO curly seat tubes, hehe. The other great thing about the way it's set up, is that it intersects the ST much higher up which gives it more support and stiffness..

The other thing which was a PITA was that the only seat stays I had lying around were these single taper slight S bend stays, no where near long enough, or double tapered. Borrowing from the freak bike building manual, I took four of them, bent them with a fork leg bender to the desired curves, then sleeved them internally to get the super long double tapered stays you see. Curving the shit out of the stays also produced a triple triangle set up you could almost fit your head through..

There's a bit more to it but I'm not going to bore you with all that. While I'm super stoked to finally get things back up and running in the shop, there's still plenty of tid bits to acquire and more practice frames to build. This is the first frame I've made since the Yamaguchi school (which is crazy considering how long it's been since I've been well enough to do so) so it's a bit rough here and there. It's obviously a very experimental frame design, not to mention the first time using all the new tooling I've invested in. I wasn't about to spend a ton of time on all the smoothing, finishing and a proper paint job. The next few frames will get cleaner as I go along and get more accustomed to things. Hoping to get myself a Dynafile in the near future since I have almost no patience for hand filing. Then there's the matter of decals and a proper name. Got the name figured out already and with any luck, I'll have decals for future frames as well..

The only thing left to do is to take it out for a spin. I rode it around the block a couple of times and it fit and felt pretty damn awesome. Nice, responsive and stiff. We'll see what I think after I rack up some proper mileage. In any case, hope you guys got a kick out of it!


..stay tuned


Friday, November 9, 2012

MEGA TRICK Dura Ace 10mm Pitch Group set with Araya Titaace TI rims FOR SALE!

Goddamn it kills me to let this set go! Mostly because it's the FUCKING. JAM. 

Araya Titaace Titanium rims?! Yeah, have fun finding a set of those bad boys..

The group came off my insanely beautiful purple Nagasawa I had a little while back. Was planning on tossing it on something else of my own creation but alas, it has to go..

The group is currently listed on ebay but I would be willing to let the set go outside of ebay and it's rape charges for $750!!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Got some stuff for sale so I can buy some new tools etc..

Just bear in mind prices DO NOT include shipping costs and I have ZERO desire to box up and ship the 2 cheapy beater frames..

Campagnolo front LF 36H track hub in excellent condition: $100


Campagnolo rear LF 32H track hub in excellent condition: $125

Cool super aero 1 1/8 Guru fork. Came off an alloy TT frame that had a crack rear drop out. Probably had something to do with the cheesy flame paint job. Fork has chips and scratches here and there from shop wear but is in good working condition otherwise: $40


Sugino 75 49T Track chainring in great condition with low milage: $40

Awesome Beater frame 1) Jamis 631 Reynolds TIGed steel chrome frame in 50cm and good condition with shop wear. Really nice frame. Clean it up and use it as a mirror you narcissistic bastard: $75


Awesome Beater frame 2) Guerciotti steel, likely 531 etc, in 57cm CTT square. Comes with what I belive is a Shimano Ultegra BB and a non drive side crank arm. The threading was stripped ON THE CRANK ARM so it would take a little work to pull off. That or you could get a drive side Ultegra crank arm and call it a day: $75


Hatta Swan 9400 track BB that came off a minty Nagasawa with low miles: $50


PZ Carbon/Alloy 100mm/-5 degree stem in great condition: $40


Super awesome Vintage and NOS still in wrapper Saavedra Turbo Aerodynamica 36H Tubular rims and includes the funny little half moon nipples for installation. Bought em for 2hundy a few years ago so just looking to make that back: $200


WTF Townie that I built from random parts bin parts I had lying around. Wacky part list:

Beat up, front end impacted DeBernardi frame resprayed ala rattlecan
Yamaguchi straight blade forks (formerly owned by the man himself, Mike McCarthy)
OG HED wheels with original 7 speed freewheel style hub
Gatorskin Tubulars
Stronglight Ironlight Cranks
Shimano DX pedals
Dura Ace 7 speed rear Derailleur
Vintage Dura Ace Headset
Campagnolo single sided shifter
Campagnolo fluted seat post
Campagnolo Athena Brakes
Selle Turbo Saddle
Dia Compe Brake levers
Cinelli Stem
Nitto Bars
Nashbar Cork Grips

It's in great condition with a few chips and scratches here and there but still works and looks great. Might need a little tune up since it's been sitting around for a while but it's a 7 speed friction set up so a child could do it. RossS rode it around a bunch while he was in town and dug it aside from the Turbo saddle. Might want to keep the fork and said Turbo saddle so I'd be cool with parting it out depending on what you're interested in. The frame's original fork took a front end impact so it's long gone but the frame is still totally cool. Price as is we'll say: $600 to start..


Original creation made by myself at the Yamaguchi school 57cm ctc ST and 55.5 ctc TT. Frame for sale only unless you're totally in love with the funky rack I built for it. I can also easily make a matching fork if you dig it but don't want all the rack holes. It's a mix fillets and lugs. Was more concerned about learning techniques than making a sweet frame when attending the school. Didn't spend a ton of time on cleaning it up since I didn't really have the proper tools and knew I was going to use it as a around town beater frame. Put some milage on it but not very much. Made something more recently which I'm WAY more stoked on so I'm trying to make room for other next level creations. Not sure what to price it at so make me an offer..


Please let me know if you have and questions about anything and first person to make serious solid plans gets and or sends me a paypal payment gets their item(s)! If you're local, I'll be in NYC tomorrow and can make deliveries..

Contact me at:


Friday, November 2, 2012

Breezy Point, NY: Hurricane Sandy aftermath..

A friend of mine and I went out to Breezy point Wednesday morning after the hurricane. He was on assignment for a magazine and I had a car with a full tank of gas. We pulled up at like 6:30am and walked around for a few hours documenting the devastation. My friend needed to head home to hand in his photos by noon so we took off. We went back around 4pm and there was a checkpoint right by the front entrance to Tilden. My buddy didn't have a press pass so they turned us away. We turned around, parked at the bus stop there and proceeded to walk through Tilden and along the beach 2 miles til we got back to Breezy Point. By that time there were more reporters filming and the FDNY was finishing up with putting out the last remnants of smoldering fire..

Here are some photos and a quick vid I shot that day:

LOTS more photos up on my flickr set and on tumblr. BE SURE to share them..

I was one of the lucky ones and had no real issues aside from some power outage. My place and family are all cool. I'll likely be out and about the next few days continuing to document the devastation hurricane Sandy inflicted in the tri state area. Once I can get my hands on some gas of course. I must've passed 50 gas stations yesterday and not a single one was open. Thank god for motorcycles and their high gas milage!

Anyways, in less depressing bike related news, the new frame I've been mentioning is all done and built up. I brought it to the Philly Expo this past Sunday so some of you may have seen it there. I'll have photos of it up soon enough. Just figured the photos from Breezy Point should have priority..