Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yet Another Design FAIL from CLUELESS Designers: The Clarity Bike!

Let's see, how could greatly we up our chances with getting hit by a car..?

I know, let's make a bike that's even LESS visible than ever before!!


1) If you're stupid enough to ride a clear bike, you totally deserve getting hit by pretty much anything moving in the street..

2) Only someone stupid enough to ride a clear bike would be caught dead, literally, riding a bike with as ugly a front slack ass head tube..

I mean, if the material is so fucking space age great, what was stopping them from adding SOME rake of some sort to the fork. Oh hey I know, it actually sucks!

"gentle flexibility that usually would only be expected on an old Italian steel frame."

Uhhh, yeah.. Steel is real guys, plastic.. not so fantastic..


1 comment:

Skybluethinking said...

Not to mention no way to install the drive belt. Big fat whatev's.