Monday, March 25, 2013

Catch up post and Heading to LA this week!!

Dag, a month past already with no posts from yours truly- FORESHAME!

Then again, shipping out that round of 52 ebay items right before my trip really fucking slayed me. Been trying to catch up with all things interwebz since I got back..

Speaking of the trip, as some of you may know a friend and I went to Mexico City to document this kick ass festival just north of the city. More details on that once I've gotten off my ass to finish editing the photos and start the arduous process of retouching them. I shot a video too which is pretty. fucking. gnarly.

Here's something I made special for the trip just to give you an idea:

Pretty funny huh? I needed some proper face/head protection so I opted for a skateboard helmet with a motorcycle helmet's flip up face shield. As kooky as it looks, and even kookier to wear in a large mosh pit style crowd full of underage mexican hipsters, it worked perfectly. Like, perfect-perfect. I took many a blow to the head and face and came out completely unscathed. Thought it's a shame I can't say the same for my welt covered body, hehe- OUCHIES!!!

Okay, at this point you're like WTF are you talking about already so here's a quick teaser shot:

Basically, it was like being in a really fun war zone..


But that's all I can divulge for the moment since I'd like to make a bit more headway with the entire project before revealing much more. It most certainly is deserving of a massive post of it's own..

Next week I'll be heading to the City of Angels with the lady to have a little vaca time together and check out the city. I went once about 12-13 something years ago but it's been far too long. Here's an oldie goldie selfie from the flower fields which I'm hoping to re-visit during the trip..

Any advice on where to go, see and do be sure to holler at me. Esp if you have one of those dispensary access cards! Seeing as how I've never orally ingested marijuana I'd fancy partaking in that sort of thing. Not to mention smuggling/mailing some of that shit back home! Granted I have no idea if that's even possible but I'd like to think that it is. I'm praying akshually. All I know is that someone needs to lend me a bike or two or tandem and get me stoney baloney :-D

Anyways, check out what I stumbled upon in the H&M display window at the Garden State Plaza:

lol right? So weird. I mean, I get their motivations behind it but it was totally bizarre seeing that at a mall in Jersey. I guess this means that THE TARCK BIKE IS NOT DEAD after all! More on that here..

Oh and did anyone else notice this sexy gold naggie..?

Speaking of gold, anybody one want to go thirds with me on this set??

Hoping the next owner of this mofo has enough sense to get some super sweet airbrushing on the rear wheel:

For more dopiness be sure to scope out this, this, this, this (the Medici), and ZOMG THIS!!!


I could keep going but I think that's going to be all for now..

More soon and don't forget to hit me up LA people!!

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Fuckin' bitches..


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