Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I just listed a TON of shit on ebay!!

Not just bike parts either. A lot of photography books along with some camera gear and other random tid bits. Check em out by viewing my sellers list and be sure to forward them to your buddies when you get a chance..

Here's a few items just to give you an idea:

Sweet vintage freewheel threaded hub HED Carbon Fiber wheels with Gatorskin tubies:

My super sick collection of ALAN gear:


Sweet Leica promo ashtrays: 

Rare and awesome Yamaguchi long sleeve Jersey:

 NOS Bikeit stopwatch holder for your vintage english racer:

A Campy PISTA tandem left hand drive crank arm:

Gary Winogrand 1964 Photography book:

Larry Clark: The Perfect Childhood Photography book:

A signed copy of Todd Hido's Roaming Photography book:

A copy of Gilles Peress's Farewell to Bosnia Photography book and signed 20x24" print:

As always, saving the very best for last, a copy of Fixed Magazine issue 001:


But yea, there's plenty of good shit so check it all out!

Then, check out this kids fucking awesome whip he built himself. Fucking hilariously awesome!



Sunday, February 17, 2013


This broad really is sumthin' else!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Mini Bike Winter X and Dead Baby Bikes Trailers!

Goddamn I need to check this shit out one of these days!

Looking forward to seeing the chariot war footage too!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some progress this past weekend..

Decided to start putting together a roadie for myself with the Richard Sachs New-vex lugs and Pegorichie tubing I got a while back. Sorry for the crap instagram snaps!

I stalled out once I realized I was missing a few odds and ends, as can be seen in the last photo of all the braze ons. Got a bunch of stuff coming in some time this week/end so hopefully I can get back on it..

Also, fuck those goddamn lugs and how much time I had to spend sanding them down to actually slip over the tubing >:-[

Anyways, my freelance gig is coming to an end this week so hopefully I can get back to posting more regularly..