Friday, April 4, 2014

BIG Group of tasty NOS Dura Ace Track gear just came in!!

Full NOS vintage Dura Ace Track group, 6 sets of Shimano UFP 10 track dropouts, and a NOS DA10 chain whip and lockring:

Close up of the butterylicious cranks:

..and the SIX sets of OG Shimano UFP 10 drop outs:

While everything wasn't a hella good deal, the overall price was very fair. Especially considering how long and how much more it would take to put together a full NOS group like this..

In other words, fuckin' stoked!

Not sure what they're going on as of yet. Part of me wants to build a classic track frame, toss this group on and sell it. Would also be lovely on a vintage NJS bike as well. I've also got another new frame I'll be starting work on shortly which is also tempting but it's another one of my weird designs so I'm not sure if it'll go with it stylistically. We'll see what I have in mind as that project begins..


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