Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rack Attack by Lyle over at Projekt B!

I awoke this morning bleary eyed and in need of more sleep, as per usual. Grabbed up my laptop to check on how the internet was doing when my new Canadian buddy Lyle IMs me aboot a bunch of photos he took. Yes, by 9:30am he'd already ridden downtown, taken a bunch of photos, then rode home and uploaded them. Meanwhile I was laying there shivering, ass naked like a new born fuckin' baby not wanting to dispatch myself from the womb. Yeah, he's one of those riders who brutally puts me to shame. What were you asking me about yesterday- headset race angles or something? I'm cool with you being my new BFF but stop making me feel stupid man, hehe. Anyways, he sent me a link and I laughed fucking my ass off at what he had been up to early this morn. Check it out:

Original concept photo:

aaaaaannnnd REALITY:

The fucking set on this guy!

MUCH more from his post on the Projekt-B blog...

UPDATE: Ridden with guilt Lyle decided to email Federico Otero the photos of what he had done. Here's Federico's response:

Hi Lyle,

Thanks so much for sending me the blog and the images. It's a shame that happened. I realized before I sent it that the bottom joint should be structured in a different way in order to be more sturdy. It's a prototype and if there are more built in the future those issues will be resolved.



I have to say I was really surprised that he wasn't at all bitchy about it. I don't know whether to give praise or call him a fuckin' pansy for it...



2/3 said...

BWAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!! that's hilarious. Take that, unsecure bike locking technologies!

erik k said...

dude that's pretty funny, but I've seen worse it seems true that breaking point