Thursday, May 29, 2008

One Jaw dropping wooden and copper ride.. well, sort of...

This is quite possibly one of THE most artfully conceived and totally unrideable bikes made in recent times. From the Ant man himself:

Ant bike Mike is one of the gnarliest bike builders out there right now. He def has a style and class all his own. Check out his website, blog and flickr gallery if you don't mind wiping the drool off your desk...


Bike porn galley GOLD MINE!

I spotted this wwwicked Hetchins the other day that flooooored me. Only to discover that the owner has a gallery of some BRUTALLY awesome bikes!

Here's a few of my favs:

No. 174 Cilo champion du monde Switzerland, 1950

No. 245 Colnago Krono 55.291 Italy, 1995

No. 149 GOLDIA Goldach, Switzerland, ~1965 (the paint job on this one KILLS IT!)

No. 221 Pinarello Donna Treviso, Italy, 1979 (I know it's a girls bike- it's still rad!)

No. 230 Rigi Bici-Corta Italy, 1978 (The blingin' post is gr8t!)

No. 247 Wolf Type Tour de Suisse Bienne, Switzerland, 1935

There is of course an ASS TON more to scope out. When you have some time be sure to do so!


Saturday, May 24, 2008


I've been anticipating the outcome of this auction for what seems like an eternity! I'm SO STOKED I won it at such a absurdly low price!! Well, compared to some other turbos out there anyways (1 & 2). Prolly I still want that black one! Anyways, this is for an upcoming project which with any luck will be completed in the coming months...

and no it won't be creamsicle style cause no one will ever top this bad boy...


Thursday, May 22, 2008

How bout them adjustable bars?!!

This Moorson is pretty damn sweet with the twin top tubes but check out those adjustable mufuckin' bars mannn! Apparently you can go from drops to mustaches with the simple turn of a bolt... HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT?!! I need to find someone out there (in china) who can make a few thousands sets of these for me, hehe...


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


While you may have already formulated and opinion about me in your head that I'm a douche or worse, a 'fake nerd' simply because someone else said so, think again! think for yourself! I most certainly am not. Well, I kinda am but no more than the next person I guess. I mean shit, I voted AGAINST Bush both times. Wait, that still doesn't make me sound any better.. Oh well.. At least I know the peeps over at Bicycle Revolutions like me- thanks the mention guys! Well, maybe not. It always seems like I'm interrupting their meals when I show up, hehe. Anyways, I like bikes a fuck load and will continue to post lots about them on this lovely blog of mine. While I am indeed a fixed gear riding fool I do appreciate most all forms of cycling. Feel free to scope out all my past and most current posts along with my Flickr page which has cycling porn galore!

p.s. - Thanks for all the extra site traffic Mr. Bikesnob!.... yooouuuuuu witty bastard...


Picked up my New Cuevas Track frame today!

UPDATE!: I sent Fernando Cuevas an email yesterday about my recent acquisition of this frame and the desire to repaint it properly with a new set of decals. From what I've heard he's been very sick these days so I wasn't expecting to hear back from him at all. Low and behold I got an email from him just now! Check it:

Hello Alan,
Congrats on the frame, this is one of Mike's personal frames.
As for decals I do have some original sets from the 1980s.
They are $75.00 a set which include,
2 cuevas panel
1 columbus
1 cuevas head
1 francisco cuevas signature
Now for paint i ususlly send the frames out to
Toby does some great work.His jobs run $550.00 and they are
super finished.
Let me know what you wish to do
Thanks and good luck!


As you can imagine I'm hella stoked about the decals! And not at all about having to shell out another $550 for a fucking respray. I had to do that when I had my Mercian repainted and it was a bummer. However the paint job is stunning so I guess that means I'm fucked with this one... BTW, Does anyone have a Zeus Pista group lying around anywhere??


aaaand it's kinda a bummer.. But not really! I mean, it is indeed a Cuevas circa 70's Track frame from the man Mr. Mike Fraysse himself. Only thing is, the paint job is pretty bad. I know I'm being really super bitchy as per usual but, while the paint is new and looks lovely, it's a COMPLETELY different story when you get right up on it. Also, the Cuevas decals on the DT are over the clear coat- LLLLAME! Anyways, I will most likely set this thing up shortly with some parts I already have and beat on it until I can get my greasy mitts on a set of new replacement decals...

$50 bucks goes to the first person that can find me a set of decals! Try finding me a complete Zeus Pista Group while your at it too, hehe. GET TO WORK!

p.s. my garden is starting to look quite luscious isn't it?? I can only hope it yields as much last year...


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prolly's selling his 58cm killer Casati...

Scope a scope it out here...

LOTS more pics here too...

YES! You too could own a piece of cycling history! Why go on being the hater when you can be the hated?!!


Monday, May 19, 2008


Wow, how fucking embarrassing! They didn't even spell my fucking name right either GOD DAMMIT!!! I know, I know, it was one of those things where they're like: Oh hey, can we use you for this small article we're doing? Not hey we're going to put you on the fucking cover holding a ribbon next to a big thing that says COOL NERD. And the ribbon- Why oh why with the fffffuckking ribbon?????

kill me kill me kill me, kill me right nowwww...

UPDATE!: As if this whole thing wasn't bad enough, the Bikesnob has finally found me! You'll notice that he implies that I'm a 'fake nerd'. Now.. how do you even respond to something like that? I'm not about to defend my true nerdyness (huh?!) but I don't appreciate being called fake either. I don't think anyone does. Unless maybe if you live in LA. Anyways, what I would really like to see, and I'm sure I'd be understating this for quite a number of people when I say: Why don't you put yourself out there mr. bike snob nyc like the majority of us are and see what everyone else has to say about your bikes and riding outfits. Well, unless you've already done so in which case just send me a link ;)

I still hate you for being more eloquent than I am...


Another used Pista Concept, another WAY over paid auction...

Now I know I've already bitched about this before but enough is enough- STOP SPENDING SO MUCH $$$ ON THESE FUCKING THINGS!!!


There's something this photo is missing...

Yeah, it's missing a couple of rolled up $100 bills and a few lines a couple of grams a few eight balls of blow! ooooo I can just feel the back of my skull tingling right now...

p.s. - I wasn't comparing the hubs to cocaine Mr BS. I was merely alluding to the notion that if there were cocaine on the mirror as well as the hubs, it would be radder.. and I wouldn't share any with you either...

p.p.s - Also, if you're looking for a good read, you should check this post out and be sure to click on the word 'here'...

Oh.. oh dig... One suuuuuper sexy Masi!

Best photos for an ebay auction ever too!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bootleg/Peels Sessions Friday May 30th!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is it about Dura Ace that goes so well with pink?...

I didn't actually just say that now did I?.. ugh... Anyways, enjoy the little surprise towards the bottom of the page...


Monday, May 12, 2008

A prime example of why I rarely post tasty 56cm frames:

and here it is suckas- read em' and weep! or something...

I can't even tell you how much time I've spent searching high and low for a Cuevas frame. Prob about 5+ years now since I first heard of the name. Low and behold I spot this one on ebay for $499 no res and my bid went unchallengend! UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!!!!

Check out some of the key points in the description:

This listing is for a Vintage custom, handmade Francisco Cuevas track frame built in my frame shop in New Jersey when Francisco and Andreas Cuevas were my frame builders. Columbus tubing. Cinelli forged bottom bracket and fork crown. Campagnolo track dropouts, front tips chromed. Size 56cm center to top seat tube. Top tube 56cm center to center. Wheel base center to center 96cm. No dents, dings or scratches. English bottom bracket and headset, uses a 27.2 seatpost. Comes with a Stronglight A9 needle bearing alloy headset. This frame was built by the legendary Francisco Cuevas for me personally in the mid 1970's. The curved brake bridge was exclusive for me. This frame is a real work of art and a fine addition to your collection.

My favorite is the Q+A section:

Q: it's hard to tell from the photos the condition of the paint and such, although the dropouts look unused. what is the history of the use of this beautiful frame? also, how are the tire clearances? thanks May-06-08
A: The paint is new, it was raced by me and others and won more then its share.The tire clearances are not radical so you can use tubulars or 20mm clinchers without rubbing or floating the front wheel. Mike
Q: do you know the seat tube and head tube angles? also was this frame ever built up? the drops look brand new. May-06-08
A: 74, Yes it was built with all campy. I raced on it. Christian Stahl won 2 National Jr.titles on it. It has not been built since it was repainted several years ago.


The BEST part is that it's LOCAL!!! No shipping costs for me this time. The only question left is:

How should I build this one up???

p.s. thanks for not kicking this one up Buddah you nasty bitch!!!!!!!!!!!


Bicycle Fetish Day 2008!

I spent this past Saturday attending Bicycle Fetish day in the burg. Since I had missed the last two years I made it a point NOT to miss out on this years event. As expected it didn't disappoint. There were lots of cool bikes to scope out and TONS of people to nerd out with over them. It was pretty awesome! Actually, speaking of nerds, I was interviewed by a this guy named Darren for the New York Press for a story about how nerds (such as myself) who were previously ostracized are now finding themselves in the lime light. Yeah, I don't know what he was talking about either, hehe. In any case, there were a lot of bikes and it was really cool. I'll shut up now so you can scope out some snaps I took:

This little green machine was SO rad!

Pile-o-custom creations

My two favorite bikes of the day. I was really into Eric's pre-war style bike. It had a lot of great details on it and the patina was awesome! (BTW Eric, I wanna race your Turbo Diesel one of these days!) The Bilenky took 1st for prettiest bike which I was stoked about. What I wasn't stoked about was having a mike handed to me to address the crowd with about it. Fortunately I didn't make too big a fool out of myself and was much rejoicing...

A band came and danced their asses off

Foot down

Foot down with a little help

gnar gnar table top drop stand fag light!

Trick time, excellent!!

One of many tricks I used to try and fail miserably on BMX back in the day

Milwaukee Crusher from Ben's Cycle being put through it's paces by Mr Prolly

The end of the trick session saw the near end of Prolly's rear wheel despite just having it trued earlier that day...

All in all it was a good day. Music, people, tricks and most importantly- BIKES!

TONS more pics on my Fetish Day flickr set

Bicycle Fetish Day is one of those events that should be copied and held in every major city/town and suburb across the land. Don't think about it, just DO IT. Any excuse to crowd bikes and friends together on a block is definitely a good thing...


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yes, they hath arrived! Bob Jackson frame anyone? Let the tounge wagging begin...

UPDATE! Sizes in but still waiting on pricing...

Here the first few to arrive from this latest batch! I didn't get the photos til late tonight so I'll have more info on sizing and pricing some time tomorrow. PLEASE BE PATIENT!
What I can tell you for sure is that these frames have a more aggressive track geometry, Paul dropouts, dimpled rear ST for extra tire clearance, drilled front fork only, and are made from 631 Reynolds...

LOTS more pics on my Flickr set too!

52ct ST CTT, 53cmTT
Sexy Black Matte with PINK panels:

50cm ST CTT, 51cmTT
Creamy White frame w/Chocolate Brown lug lining and Red decals:


54cm ST CTT, 55cm TT
Pretty in Purple and Green w Aqua lug lining:


51cm ST CTT, 51.5 TT
Classy Brown and Cream panels:

56cm ST CTT, 56cm TT
Classic British Racing Green with Cream White panels and Blue lug lining:

57cm ST CTT, 56.5cm TT
Matte Grey with Red front panel and Blue lining:

Still waiting to find out just how much these bad boys are going to cost...


Just a lil sumpin' sumpin' to start your day...

I bought an old 80's Rossin Calendar a few years back on ebay and have been appreciating it ever since! Here are my two favs:

Most amazing shit EVER!!!

Gotta love those shades and hair...

Sorry about the cover up, but you know how it is. HOWEVER, if you'd like a hard copy of one or both the photos without my corny logo, you can email me to request a copy of each. I can print them to just about any size on nice thick Epson paper. Just keep in mind these are scans of an old calendar which are great until you get close up on em...

Actually, how about this. I'll send you a copy of one or both for FREE if you donate a few bucks to a worthy cause. My boy is going to be in town soon and if there's any way I can have a set of wheels waiting for him that would be a HUGE help...

Let's say a $9 minimum for one or $14 for both, to cover the paypal, printing and shipping fees with enough leftover to get the wheel fund going. You can send a request to me here along with Paypal payments to that same email address...

Again (Rossin), I'm not selling these, I'm just giving them away to friends who don't mind helping out a fellow cyclist in need...

I know that all the true nerdy cycling pervs out there are going to want one so PONY UP YOU CHEAP FUCKS!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yet another rediculous Colnago-Ferrari creation

UPDATE: This beast just sold for $10.601.00!!!

And you thought my Mercian was too red.. Wait, haven't I already used that line?

Whatever. Shit is poppin' suyhn!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Bob Jacksons have arrived!!!

They should be unpacked and photographed within the next couple of days. STAY TUNED!!!

More info here


Monday, May 5, 2008

Creamsicle Nagasawa!

Well done man...

Now tell me where you got that mufukin' saddle!!!

via Rotten