Thursday, October 30, 2008

So babes on bikes are pretty much the best thing everrrrrrrrr!

I found this flickr set earlier and have been wagging my tongue at it for like an hour. Here are some of my faves:



and I want you to kick the shit out of me and stomp my balls...

I mean COME. ON.. Seriously, that last one looks like she'd eat you alive!!

Anyways, sorry ladies but I love you all and can't help but enjoy the sight of those on the roll. Maybe you'll get to see some dudes up here if I start profiling people. Which most likely will never happen cause who in their right mind would want to be on here anyways right?..

This of course is all just a precursor to me throwing out the fact that I've been back with all the other miserable single people stuck in the dating world and would love to go out on some bike dates. How's that for sad and pathetic???


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just about THE prettiest Rossin EVER!!!

Wow this thing really is a beaut!


and Built up:


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bitchin' bars for a bitchin' frame!

More of da Mecacycle from Wanderlustful...

Nice finds man! Let's see this bitch built up now...


Monday, October 27, 2008

Bike Kill would've been fun but...

...since I'd been sick all week something told me that being in the middle of that nightmare during a rain storm might not be the best thing for my sinuses. Instead I decided it would be in my best interest to repair my broken down car. Basically what happened is that one of the water pump pulley bolts had popped out. Before I had the chance to replace it, another one had made it's way out. Once that happened it started vibrating really badly. Throwing the acc belt off course and shredding the shit out of it. All went well until I got down to the problem and realized that not only had the water pump pulley bolts popped out somehow, but the pulley itself had broken:

It also appears that one of those bolts found its way between the belt and the crank pulley leaving a big gouge in it. Which means, I now have to replace both of them. Total bummer right? This then leads me into the point I'm trying to make here: Cars can be a complete pain in the fucking ass but they def don't suck. With the exception of the soccer moms, 'ballers' or WORSE driving fucking Cadillac Escalades around or anything that has the Hummer logo on it. I mean, I'm all for the whole utilitarian pedal power no car thing. I think it's great that people who live in dense urban settings have one more sticker to adore their bike with but let's be honest.. They don't really suck. As per usual, it's the retards operating them that suck. I won't even get into the fucking car companies and advertisers that have ZERO goddamn morals when it comes to selling completely inefficient products to people who can't afford them...

People are fallible, it's just a fact of life. Mostly because people have a really hard time thinking beyond their own little world. Put them behind the wheel of a 2 ton automobile too large to see clearly around, make them late for something and you've got a recipe for disaster. Just to reiterate. We're all guilty of the same sort of thing now and then but despite that fact, it doesn't mean we shouldn't attempt to better ourselves one way or another. Besides, if something were to happen to someone close to you (perish the thought) and you needed to get to the hospital or wherever super fast. Something tells me you're not going to turn down a ride from a car owning friend. It's like yeah, I'm going to hop on my bike or take public transportation and hope I get there in time. Nevermind all the poor bastards living in the average small town where the ONLY way to get anywhere is by car. No.. I think sporting a cars suck sticker is on par with the brakes suck or gears suck type stickers. It's just dumb and only helps perpetuate the larger problem: Driver awareness AND acceptance when it comes to sharing the road...

Side note about those brakes and or gears sucks stickers: Don't be rediculous. We're ALL cyclists for fucks sake. Sporting one of those stickers only tells everyone you're a trendy asstard. Who not only doesn't know what the fuck their talking about, but is being disrespectful and holding their own opinion higher than other people. Others who are just out there also doing what they enjoy. In other words: PISS OFF or peel that shit off STAT

Anyways, I think its important for drivers to recognize that they're not the only ones out there and if driving is all they're gonna do, make it a point to drive more fuel efficient, hybrid, electric, bio fuel vehicles (and stop wasting so many fucking plastic bags at the supermarket! You're driving a car- just buy some canvas shopping bags and toss em in the back seat for fucks sake). I personally make it a point to ride to work (22 miles) or at least to the bus stop (3 miles) to augment my fuel consumption (28/35) during the week. This of course only applies to days when it's not raining. Sorry.. Just don't have any desire to do that to myself..

So please, when I show up to places/events or if you see me driving my car.. Stop giving me the goddamn stink eye already. Crossing the Hudson isn't quite the same as the east river or living in 'da hood'. At least I'm making a fucking effort which is more than I can say about the other 95% of the lazy douchetards out there. Not to mention having the ability to haul/rescue shitloads of bike parts from people...


Friday, October 24, 2008

So fresh and So Clean-Clean!

woooooooo this is some NOS Pinerello frame auction!

Too bad it's a FAKE auction...


I feel like dying more than usual today...

...because I'm all sick and achy. Fucking hate this shit! All because someone I work with refused to take a sick day and made the rest of us ill instead. Fucking selfish twat.. God I can't wait to get the fuck up outta this place. I'm PRAYING to be let go so I can just collect unemployment for a couple of months.. Anyways, since I'm feeling like shiiiiiiizah I figured it would be a good time to unload some retarded images I've seen over the last few months which you've all probably seen a year ago. Please note: I have no idea of the circumstance of any of these gems. Enjoy!

meh.. fucking snore.. Sorry!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You know what's awesome?

Aside from the hardware in the previous post of course.. Is the fact that this brand new pista sold for $466 bucks. Why is that awesome you ask? Because the 'Buy it Now' price was $350!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's awesome watching our civilization dumb down more and more everyday. Have any of you ever seen Idiocracy? Well if your answer is no, you should make it a point to watch it STAT:

After you do you'll understand why there was literally no PR done for this film despite being a stroke of comedy genius by Mike Judge...


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wicked Waterford!

A bit pricey but def very pretty...


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shrine to the gooch..

This looked bitchin' in the light yestreday morning so I figured I'd share...


Saturday, October 18, 2008

What in god's name is going on here?

The only thing missing is the built in smoke machine bellowing smoke out of it's nostrils...


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two words:


Just a lil sumpthin' for Lyle to scoff at:

and this:

I'm only fucking with him because he yet again deeessstrrrrooyyyz me when it comes to being a full blown cycling nerd with his latest post on laser cut dropouts. Not to be completely out done here's a 'killer' post on a similar subject by myself earlier this year...


Suuuuuuuuper sexy 3rensho!

Not quite what's going on with those bars but the frame is pretty bitchin'

Just a liiiiiitle pricey though...


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Obama themed track bike?.. Really??

I mean come on.. The Bikesnob is SO going to be all over this thing:

Thanks Lyle!

UPDATE: That didn't take long now did it?


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For those of you on the west side of things:

Hmm.. This looks vaguely familiar...

Oh.. right. That's because I'm that crazy person too...


08' Light Roadster by ANT

I actually spotted this last week but totally spaced on posting it:

Can you say bitchin'??


Saturday, October 11, 2008

You DEFINITELY don't fuck with these ladies!


Thanks Phil!


Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm sorry but why ride bikes when you can-


Sequence piece here..

Oh and let's not forget ollies:

fffffFUCK yea! I'm all types of stoked on these photos my boy Tom took of me this past Sunday. There's plenty more awesomeness over on his photography blog so you should check it out...


THE most brutally badass Panny Farthing I've seen on the bay yet!

God I would so totally be all over this if I had the money to burn...



Thursday, October 9, 2008

Best spoke card EVER!

Okay, so it's not an actual spoke card but it most def made me laugh the fuck out loud...

Thanks and nice meetin' ya George!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reader submission #1 - FINALLY...

I posted a 'Cream of the Crop' header on my side bar a while back for those of you who want to show off your ssssSICK whips. Here's my first qualifying submission from Jeff of Austin, TX:

Oddly enough he said I had mentioned the frame auction on here a while back. Oh and no comments on how the stem is just a taaaad bit high. To each his own...


Ideale 90CR Speciale Competion saddle
Nitto 83 seatpost
Nitto Noodlebar, 42cm and Technomic stem
Brooks bar wrap w/Soma plugs
Mafac Racer Brakes w/Toei straddle carrier from Jitensha
Simplex retro-friction shifters
Simplex Super LJ front derailleur
Huret Duopar rear derailleur
Maxi-Car 36 hole bolt-on hubs, 126 rear spacing (I carry a special 13mm/17mm cone wrench to change flats)
Velocity Dyad rims (kept the stickers on since they match the color scheme)
Ruffy Tuffy’s 700c x 30mm
TA Pro 5 vis cranks, 48/34
Shimano Ultegra pedals (I’ve got TA pedals, but finally went clipless last Spring)
Suntour Winner 7 speed freewheel 13,14,16,18, 21,26,32
Phil Wood bottom bracket
TA front rack and bar mounted bottle cage
Nitto type R cage on down tube
The frame came with a Shimano track headset installed, otherwise I’d have gone Chris King.

Thanks a lot Jeff! That is one BITCHIN' ride ya got there. Now lower that fucking stem already would ya?

As for the rest of you.. The fuck are you waiting for? Get to it!!


As seen on street...

So I saw this dude roll by the corner of 39th and 5th as I was walking to my office in the morning. I remember thinking I could use a rack like the one he has. Then i get to my office and there's his bike. A fucking Colnago Master Olympic Track frame- AWESOME!

I love seeing sick bikes all torn up and locked up to poles and shit. So rad!

UPDATE: The bike belongs to an NYC messenger named Morgan and apparently he can carry a lot of shit:

Thanks Chocobot!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whoooooa, a NEW Corima Cougar Track!

My size no less- SEXY!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

The new SRAM stuff is great and all but...

...ah looooove me some 8 (and 9!) speed gear. Esp this NOS Dura Ace 7400 group:


Saturday, October 4, 2008

This is one of those things...

...that makes me want to barf in my mouth. Then go ahead and bury my head in the sand.

I mean, come on, has it really come to this??? When is the trend factor of this shit going to be over already???

You know, I wanted to write this whole thing about the culture aspect and how I despise it sometimes etc.. The only problem is it would probably come off too bike snobby leaving me with way too many enemies. Not to mention there's no way my ass wouldn't be implicated one way or another despite being and 'O.G. rider'.. By O.G. I mean having been into this shit for more than like 6 months.. But by fixed gear standards having started in 04' means I've been around forever or something. I mean, it's only a hundred+ year old sport...

Okay, I'm fucking pissed off now so maybe I will go there a little bit. I really hate those fucking LES hip/hop graffiti fucking druggie douchebags that always, ALWAYS have to hop on the new hot trendy thing and FUCKING RUIN IT by making it all culturey, and like street and shit. Like suddenly it's fucking edgy or raw or something because some asshole with big white rim sunglasses, some rare nike's he bought for $300 on ebay, wearing a fucking Palistinian kuffiyeh despite the fact they grew up in the fucking suburbs, saw 'Breakin' when they were 17 and decided to move to NYC so they could get started on building their street rep in a hot minute. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THAT SHIT???? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to knock people for their taste etc, okay well maybe a little. But seriously though, I JUST DON'T GET IT. Could someone please explain that shit to me? I feel like I'm one of those people who laughed at Andy Warhol's Tomato soup can paintings. But then I remember that no one in that scene has any real talent and the ones who do, just rip and rehash on Andy and Basquiat's steez anyway...

It's because of my disdain of shit like that and more that you will NEVER, EVER see me mention anything about the cool new all over print hoodie or dope kicks from who the fuck ever. No.. what I offer you is pure unadulterated nerdy cycling gold, attitude AND an identity. Not to mention the fact that I do my best to come up with ORIGINAL shit for you fuckers to pine over instead of just re-blogging what I see on everyone else's blog...

Wow I feel SO much better having gotten that off my chest- belligerent interwebz rant now OVER...

UPDATE: I just found this AWESOME photo AFTER having written this:

How fucking PERFECT is that???

Another UPDATE: Someone wrote this in an email to me and I thought it was very much in the same vein as my rant here:

My question to her was if she rode bikes/had one. Here's her response:

"I feel like by not biking in Brooklyn, I am not "cool". So know I am all too aware that I am sounding "uncool" to a guy who has a deep love and passion for biking. It kinda annoys me how "cool" biking is. I guess it can be the nature of the beast. People like you will make it cool because of your true genuine love and respect and then cool kid slugs latch on to it and before you know it you see it everywhere as a marketing tool"


Stunning and Superbe Waterford 2800's..


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rack Attack by Lyle over at Projekt B!

I awoke this morning bleary eyed and in need of more sleep, as per usual. Grabbed up my laptop to check on how the internet was doing when my new Canadian buddy Lyle IMs me aboot a bunch of photos he took. Yes, by 9:30am he'd already ridden downtown, taken a bunch of photos, then rode home and uploaded them. Meanwhile I was laying there shivering, ass naked like a new born fuckin' baby not wanting to dispatch myself from the womb. Yeah, he's one of those riders who brutally puts me to shame. What were you asking me about yesterday- headset race angles or something? I'm cool with you being my new BFF but stop making me feel stupid man, hehe. Anyways, he sent me a link and I laughed fucking my ass off at what he had been up to early this morn. Check it out:

Original concept photo:

aaaaaannnnd REALITY:

The fucking set on this guy!

MUCH more from his post on the Projekt-B blog...

UPDATE: Ridden with guilt Lyle decided to email Federico Otero the photos of what he had done. Here's Federico's response:

Hi Lyle,

Thanks so much for sending me the blog and the images. It's a shame that happened. I realized before I sent it that the bottom joint should be structured in a different way in order to be more sturdy. It's a prototype and if there are more built in the future those issues will be resolved.



I have to say I was really surprised that he wasn't at all bitchy about it. I don't know whether to give praise or call him a fuckin' pansy for it...