Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Because I can't go ANYwhere lately without..

..hearing the melody of a classic Michael Jackson song coming out of a car window or office I'm passing by, seeing specials about him on every fucking channel, on the internet, his name being mentioned in passing or some other sort of visual stimulation, I've officially been broken.. I know, I've been trying to avoid mentioning anything else but I can't take it anymore! Here's a few of my personal favs from way back when MTV only played music videos:

I'm sorry but despite the appeal of metal, smoke, and ash I still love me some good disco..

BTW who else used to CHERISH Gawker's Blue States Lose?? I loved it so much I almost wanted to be rediculed on there ( yes I used to go to misshapes ((when it was good mind you)) ). I would compare it getting snobbed in the cycling world..

You really gotta thank the director for that video turning out as raw and rad as it did. Fuck I probably haven't seen that shit in over 10+ years and it totally just blew me away!

Growing up in the 80's meant everyone you knew thought the 'moon walk' and parachute pants were the shit even if they didn't really know what the fuck the deal was with either..

I couldn't find any full length Thriller videos to embed here so here's the direct link BUT.. be sure to make it a point to watch all of these behind the scenes clips when you have a moment:

God I miss Vincent Price!

So I'm sure a lot of you are sounding the he was a fucking wack job! alarm. Thought you gotta give the guy some credit for toting around his madness openly IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD and still doing his best to give back despite being wicked crazy towards the end. I don't even want to think about what would become of me if I had even a glimpse of talent people were interested in paying large sums of money for. I mean, who doesn't want to wear super sparkly head to toe outfits in public and get away with it?!




Vincent Price ruled hard....

Martini Whore said...

I'm only putting on the super sparkly shit after i make my first $100 million.