Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Croatia Trip 09': ONE MONTH away from this godforsaken city!

Yes indeed! Got my tickets and dates all set and ready to gizzo!! From the end of July to the end of August. I cannot even describe in words how much I'm anticipating this trip! Not to mention getting away from everyone and everything in this fucking city..

Most of you know of Croatia as being one of the hottest European tourist destination right now. Which is still kinda weird for me to hear having visited there during the summers since I was a child. EXCEPT.. for the fact that I haven't been back in 10 years now. WAY too long! Last time I went was with my buddy Tom in 99' and it was a super fun! Having a good friend along made the trip that much better. The local kids are cool but if I seem a little out there to people here just imagine what kids from some random island would think. Granted my previous visits were all pre internet explosion days but still. It takes very little effort to stick out like a sore thumb there. I have a feeling things will be wicked different though this time after not having been there in so long..

In any case, I'm hoping things will be nice and relaxed. We have a lot of farm land so I'm sure a good portion of my days will be filled with the tending of fig, olive and almond trees. Which may not sound like a whole lot of fun but for those of you who work in offices know what a treat it can be to engage in physical labor..

As with the 99' trip, I'm going to be making a similar excursion to the former war torn city of Sarajevo. I plan on revisiting this year to re-document the city and put together a sort of before and after project when I get back. 10 years is a long time and from what I hear, Sarajevo is not only known for enduring the longest siege in modern warefare, but has become a beautiful thriving city once again..

There's a really great movie which may not be so easy to find but really is TOTALLY worth watching called Welcome to Sarajevo. Toss it on your netflix list (if you have it) when you get a chance- it's gnarly! and not just because Woody Harrelson somehow plays and kinda pulls off a dramatic role..

Also, for those of you who will go unamed, don't give me any of that Ustaše blood feud bullshit attitude. I'm kind of sick of that shit already. Esp since I don't share similar feelings towards others who are now essentially guilty of the same thing. My family comes from a long line of island farmers who had nothing to do with any of that nastiness aside from having to run from or fight the Nazis themselves. I'm sure a good portion of you have no idea of what I'm talking about but let's just say I've had really stupid shit like bartenders dis me on service simply because they found out where I was from. It's like, ORLY? Keep up the good fight by dening me a freaking whisky you biased jagoff! We're all guilty of generalizing now and then but it's really frustrating when you experience it first hand despite having absolutely nothing to do with it and being nothing but super nice to them. I could toss out a few other examples but I won't go there..

..Actually, yes I will. It's kind of like saying all Americans are essentially Nazis when it comes to foreign policy. When in fact most of them are just too fat, ignorant and preoccupied with reality TV and FOX news to come up with an opinion based on anything other than what their idiot box tells them.. Oh, oh wait.. am I generalizing now? Awww, poo-poo, pee-pee! We're all stuck in the same shithole either way and no amount of bitching will flush us out at this point..

ANYways.. I'm sure there's at least a few kids out there that live in or around my area who either ride or skate. If those mofos could drop me an email (thetriplec@hotmail.com) to give me an idea as to what's up it would be much appreciated! I'm actually going to make up a temporary sidebar header for people to easily notice and reference this post..

Also, for any of you who happen to be traveling in or around the area let me know if you'd like to stop by for a day or two.. Granted you'll have to deal with my crazy family and the kids. Though the island really is super nice and we have our own house(s)/car/boat..

As for keeping the blog updated during that month, I'm not really sure. I'm assuming there will be internet access but I'm not sure how good/bad it'll be. I'll probably either be dumping the occasional massive posting or quick little twitter type jams with like a tantilizing photo of me sunning myself on a beach, hehe..

More to come about this as the days between now and the trip roll on. Just trying to gather up everything I know I'll need. Oh and yes, I am taking the Jackson and YES, I am getting a new toned down set of wheels built for it right now..

Here's a travel show spotlight on Croatia if you're interested and or bored. Keep in mind that the Kornati are all of 20 miles from my hometown and chicks like Sandra remind me of why I have a thing for women with deep voices..



jason said...

wow, have a great time man. I would love to go to Croatia. Can't wait to see your photos, especially those from Sarajevo.

Your going to have to ghettofy your Mark II so it doesn't get swiped by all the pick pocketers.


CyclingWMD said...

Thanks man- I'm wicked stoked! Last time I went I had an M6 which isn't nearly as obtrusive as a freaking Canon anything. Def going to have to ugly it up a bit..

Thomas Prior said...

You'd best scoop up one of them little pre-mustached chicks and slay her daily....cause without my cheery ass around you gonna get bored as fuck!..

CyclingWMD said...

no diggity, no dooouuubt!

Chocobot said...

If you need anyone to water your plants, or hang out in your shop and use all your tools while you are gone let me know :) :) :) :)

CyclingWMD said...

Shit man, actually I do! I knew I forgot to mention something in the post.. Well, not so much the using of my tools part of course, hehe.. All the free veggies you can eats tho!

Chocobot said...

yeah, email me! My last day of work is Tuesday so I'll be looking for shit to do till grad school

((lyledriver)) said...

Hey Alan,
Great to hear that you're making this trip a reality. You're long overdue for a break from NYC/Jerz.
I'll be stoked to check out your flickr during/after.

I'll be spending August on an island as well, but it may not be as scenic.

CyclingWMD said...

Yeah man, I'm wicked stoked! My brain is in dire need of some laid back island surroundings. I'm hoping the internet access is good over there too cause I would def love to upload snaps to my flicker every few days. As for your Island trip, I hope it goes well and you learn a lot!