Friday, July 17, 2009

Groundhogs day- in Jersey?!

So until this morning I'd totally forgotten about something weird that occurred a few weeks ago. I was riding to work along River Road (Now unfortunately renamed Port Imperial BLVD) towards Hoboken one morning when I spotted a Groundhog doing it's thing in the small stretch of grass along the side of the road. Nothing Special. Then I saw another one not 15 seconds later. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be funny if I saw another one? It would almost be worth blogging, or at least a tweet. Before I had a chance to give myself a mental bitch slap for thinking in such rediculous terms, there before me was yet another Groundhog hanging out on the side of the road- what are the chances?! That retarded internerd part of me thought, wow, not only did I see two GH's on the way to work but I actually saw three- so worth an internet mention! Right when that part of me that missed it's chance to administer a bitch slap to myself thought: alright this is it! There once again was ANOTHER Groundhog standing and staring at me by the side of the road! At that point I was fully weirded out by this peculiar predictive conversation going on in my head over having seen four ground hogs in a row. Which is probably why after seeing the FIFTH one in about a 2 mile stretch, I thought: okay, this is about as close to seeing a pink elephant as I'm going to get today so let me just file this memory to the back. Though I did feel the need to satisfy the overwheelming urge to watch Groundhog's Day when I got home later on that night..

Why am I going on about this you ask? Because today I confirmed that I wasn't totally crazy by seeing presumably the same 5 GH's this morning along the same route. Which is obviously why the memory came back to me. Only difference is that the first three had made the mistake of venturing into the road and getting themselves squished. Poor bastards.. THANK GOD FOR FENDERS THO!! The fourth was standing there looking lonely and the 5th just ran and hid in the brush as I rolled by :(

What a bizarre and tragic tale huh?

...fucking tard

Anyways, since this post totally sucks a hairy sack be sure to check out this tumbler blog I just found and laughed my ass off to:

It's no Blue States Lose but it's pretty entertaining none the less.. Kind of like Hot Chicks With



llana50 said...

I've been living in the Japanese country side for a while now and was thinking to myself " A lot of Japanese fashion reminds me of ridiculous hispter fashion back home", so i did a search on google images and came across the hipster with the crazy mustache. "Funny stupid" I thought, and I've actually seen it before, but right after, I decide to check out your blog, read the ground hog thing, thought it was funny, scrolled down, and it's the same picture.
What a coinkidink!!!

CyclingWMD said...

HA- that certainly is a coinkidink! I really wish I could be living in the Japanese country side BTW- jeeeaaalllooouussss!!!

llana50 said...

Yeah it's not as exciting as it may seem. Good thing is that there is a lot of good riding, and cars here will swerve into the other lane to go around you. Ain't like that in cali!! The bad is that the weather sucks about 70% of the time!! Also no places to skate:/
Have a safe trip man!