Monday, October 12, 2009

Eddie's Cycle City visit 2.0! and HOLY SHIT another GOLD MINE!!!

I don't know about you mofoz but I had one hell of a porntastically titillating bike nerding weekend!

Almost two years to the day was when I last visited Eddie's Cycle City of Bayonne NJ after hearing about it through word of mouth. I decided to pay Steve and his son Paul another visit this past weekend to say what's up and feast on the porn I knew they would have in store for me..

But not before having a nosh awn some serious muthafuckin' breakfast!

Yes, it really is good enough to mention. Good oolllll' White Mana in da JC!

Right, anyways, here's some snaps I made:

Lots of restorations in progress:

Paramounts a plenty!

This is only one of MANY DRAWERS:

Work table:

Paul's Schwinn Prologe set up with more modern gear:

Steve's own personal 1974 Paramount that he used to race back in the day:


Heat sink pads!

Rad print he showed me of himself during a century ride from Liberty State Park to Philly:

Some more photos too:

The best was when he was talking about how he still remebered the day when he first opened the box back in 74' and how he can still smell the first waft of leathery tubular air that came out..

It was really awesome checking out the shop again and a big thanks to Steve and Paul for taking the time to show me all the rad stuff they have there!

More pics on my flickr set..

Also be sure to check out my first visit in 07' to see more of the shop including this SICK 100 year old Iver Johnson 6 day racer:

Def worth a visit if you live in and around the local NJ/NYC area..

Afterwords I decided to go check out the skatepark at the base of the Bayonne bridge that I'd seen the last time I was out exploring around the area..

Yep, nothing like being that weird older guy flying around scaring everyone under 15. Which was everyone.. One of the kids was like- 'Oh man, ahmma hav ta steel dat one!' referring to the 5-0 to tail I did across the fun box. So yeah, fun but the set-up was a bit wonky..

This dude who was parked out in the lot was def my hero for sssslamming the shit out of his beat up old impala:

So rad!

AND NOW.. On to the gold mine!

Which I would consider to be more of a small but super concentrated vein, tho it was tantilazing none the less!

I started my Sunday as any other but it was while perusing the NYC fixed forum that things got interesting. I saw that sashae (renovated Nagaswa owner) had posted this craigslist find:

1979 Cinelli Supercorsa 58cm - $1200 (northern nj)

Hi, my Cinelli is looking for a new home. It is in nice shape and has the original copper color paint with chrome lugs, chain stay & fork crown. The original build super record group is in good shape with slightly updated Delta brakes. The bar, stem & seat are Cinelli and the chain rings are Cinelli engraved. The frame size is 58cm c to c. The bike has always been kept indoors and infrequently used but well maintained. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

Seeing as how it was in North Jersey I couldn't resist sending the seller an email to see if I could swing by to scope out the bike. Once he contacted me I asked if he had any other gear and if it would be cool for me to swing by to check out the bike and take some photos. Two yes's later, I tossed my camera gear in the car and sped off to see what laid in store for me. Boy oh boy was I ever not dissapointed!

Martin turned out to be a true cycling enthusiast through and through. He has been collecting pieces for group sets for years and only recently had he decided (regrettably) to start thinning out his stable:

Lots of really great stuff! Lots of Campy, Suntour, Mavic. Mostly rare and or NOS condition too!

Right, sooooo here's the part where I get to be called a huge fucking hypocrite for talking smack about Campagnolo vs Shimano and wanting a Japanses roadie with some DA 7700, fuck friction shifters I'd take STI any day blah, blah, blah..

Yeah, I bought it..

What can I say, it was MUCH too pretty to let it fall in the wrong hands! Hands hairier than mine that is. If that's even possible..

I knew I should've just kept my fucking mouth shut! I've always wanted an italian whip in the form of a Merckx I meant Rossin! I was tired :/ or Cinelli and what the fuck else am I supposed to put on it?? Fucking douche.. In any case, that bad boy rolls smooooooth as all hell! Just need to make a few slight adjustments and minor part swap outs and she'll feel right at home with the rest of the stable..

Oh and it also comes with a set of NOS Mavic MA40 clinchers!

He also has this unknown vintage track racer from the 40's - 50's (NFS!):

No markings on it at all. Beautiful bike! If anyone recognizes anything about the details on the frame please be sure to let me know. I'd love to pass the info on to him..

More pics on my flickr set..

Thus ends another funtastic porn filled weekend in the life of mwah. Now.. time for some fraking beauty sleep!



Anonymous said...

the chrome track bike might be an umberto dei, check it out:

its the oval cut outs in the head tube lugs that make me think this, but i don't know if those are a design feature specific to dei, or specific to a particular lug maker.

congrats on the sweet cinelli. beautiful bike in a beautiful color.

Auntie Maim said...

She's a beaut! So jealous with your charmed life. Becoming convinced all the cool bikes are spawn of your seed and the little bastards are steady finding you.

Prolly said...

Come on man! Super Record is the 'poor man's groupo'!


Nice bike though. Good purchase indeed. Friction shifting isn't so bad either!

CyclingWMD said...

Anonymous: Wow thanks for the info man! I'll be sure to pass it onto Martin as soon as I get a chance :)

Auntie: Thanks man! Let's just hope and pray the only bastards that locate me are of the two wheeled variety..

Prolly: Thanks man! Yeah, once I get her ready to roll I'll be sure to swing by Peels to show her off..

Anonymous said...

...on the other hand, what would a Dei be doing with a BSA chainring? Maybe I was wrong. For a speedy and informed ID you should join the classic rendezvous listserv and post a message with links to the pics. be sure to read the rules about proper sign off, etc.

this list was/is a fucking goldmine for earlier lightweight racing bikes: info, buying, selling, etc.