Monday, November 8, 2010

Naaasty Nagasawa!

You're gonna wanna bust out the hankies for this one!








Now you know why I sold the white one a while back!

More snaps on my flickr along with the slide show..

The story behind this one is that it was on display at Interbike 07' and purchased by Allyson V. not long after. She fell in love with it and took it a few times around the track before relegating it to a wall. It was a little bit big for her but she just wasn't ready to part with it- can ya blame her?! Years later she offered it up on ebay which is where I came into contact with it. With it's unusual matte purple with matte gold decals I just couldn't resist! Not to mention the Sugino Decals on the rear stay and SICK Bottom Bracket cut out!!

The build was obviously a cinch since I just swapped over the DA10 drivetrain, pedals and wheels from my white Nagasawa. With the addition of Gatorskins, Nitto Pearl Stem, Nitto SP72 post and Suede Embroidered Kashimax 5 gold saddle it was complete! Would've LOVED to have tossed the Nitto Slider stem on there but the frame is a hair on the large side of fit for me so it doesn't really make sense to have it on there..

Fucking thing rides ALL TYPES OF NICE! Super smooth and responsive. Much like the last one. Just a little bit bigger. Best part is- now that I'm unemployed I'll actually have time to ride it!


It's pretty super fuckin' pimp too huh?! Tho I can't even tell you how close I came to tossing some HOTT PINK painted HED3 wheelz on there to give it more of a stripper feel instead. I mean, really, HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN?!!

Anyways, more coming soon!!

..meanwhile, in Korea



Craig said...

That purple is......whoaaaaaaa

One million times better than the white one.

DoubleOhTwo said...

Nice one, Alan, that shizzle is CANDY!

The Caped Crusader said...

you motherfucking lucky son of a bitch!!!

phil g. said...

Sick sick sick all around. Can't get much better than that. Nice shots too!

Christopher said...

I looked at these pictures and I...

Jizzed in my pants.