Friday, August 12, 2011

Some sexy black things..

..I've noticed recently. I see and photograph things I find interesting out of habit and they usually just end up in obscurity amongst the thousands of other horrible photos I take on a daily basis..

In any case, here's a wicked blacked out truck:

While it most certainly lofts my personal category of 'No Dick Mobile' to new heights, you have to admit that it's still pretty fucking sick..

Also sick was this 6.3L Mercedes fucking batmobile I was blown away by while walking around Zadar:

I would NEVER want to drive the shit out of a car like that. Lord knows I would end up spending every penny I could trying to put together something that could perform just as well. Like a Twin Turbo 96' Nissan 300zx with Greddy upgrade kit..

Luckily the last super sexy black thing not only takes the cake, but I have carte blanche over:

Between her hair, fondness of all things matte black along with a 90% black wardrobe she's hard to beat, or rather easy since she might be 100lbs wet. Nothing like dating a girl you can snap like a twig is there?! I have like 5 offensively dirty jokes in me I can make right now but I'm going to keep my mouth shut. Funny how despite their size all women retain that whole formidable force thing when irritated thing isn't it..?

Right, let's focus on how nasty that thing she was snacking on was instead:

so. fucking. gross.

The fried nutter butters we had afterwords were also gross but in that way that you secretly wish you eat McDonalds every day and not have people give you that- EWW! Look if you even mention eating it..

I have this intense love/hate relationship with big fairs like the Meadowlands County Fair. I love how hokey and absolutely fucking disgusting the people who attend those types of functions are. Although when I get over it after like five minutes of being there and I realize I'm stuck being surrounded by wall to wall putridity for at least another hour I kind of want to kill myself for having walked into it in the first place. It kinda reminds me of that scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when they're 'set loose' into that circus-y casino with the merry go round..


Here's a few snaps from the last time I was there with my buddy Tom and his Brosef Nick:

BTW - If you aren't thinking about eating Bacon right now there's something wrong with you..



Benjamin said...

The flat black car is actually a CLK 63 by Mercedes. Badass car

DanielKorn said...

Erh, isn't that a Merc, not a BMW? :)

Otherwise, cool stuff!

CyclingWMD said...

oops! Good catch guys. I tend to mix the two up since they tend to be interchangeable brands..