Monday, December 24, 2012

Hail Satan Porteur detail shots!

A potential customer was curious about a couple of details on the rack, so I figured I'd post some of the snaps up here while I was at it. Bear in mind the rack pictured isn't 100% completed..

..and the original overall snap for reference:

I mean, imagine the fork with a nice color, some proper lug lining and the rack fully chromed. You'd be lookin' at some proper modern day class dawg! By modern I mean not regurgitating the same old shit everyone else is copying from each other because 50/60's retro is soooo in with all the hand made leather clad coffee barista hipsters..

Anyways, more on this subject as soon as I have enough cash to buy my bulk materials..

Larger snaps on my flickr set and if you're interested in owning one of these BAD FUCKING ASS racks and forks, be sure to check out my previous post for more details..


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