Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An exploded view of a Hail Satan Porteur!

I started cutting out pieces for a few HSP racks the other day:

..and I figured I'd show what one looks like pre mitered and assembled:

I'd read people scoffing at my asking price here and there so I thought seeing 49 separate pieces might quell their shit talking. It’s actually 51 in total since I have yet to fab up a couple of mounting tabs..

So if you think it's a rip etc, don't buy one- I don't give a fuck. I didn't design and make them for everyone. Only the really cool and handsome people out there with impeccable taste ;-)


1 comment:

Jednokolečko said...

oh boy!
found this post on Tracko site just now and asked myself: who would feken copy Alan's rack! It's you ofcourse! With some decent description here, LoL..
good one indeed!