Monday, June 30, 2008

Frame building buisness for sale in Salt Lake!

Now if only there was a way I could transplant this place into my backyard...


Fixed Gear Gallery: STAFF BLOGS!

Not too long ago I noticed that Fixed Gear Gallery added blog links to their page. I emailed Dennis about how I could go about getting linked. We got to talking and it turned out he was looking for some productive correspondents for FGG. And so it begins! From now on I'll be reviewing new products, photographing events, visiting shops and builders for FGG. BUT.. that don't mean this blog will fall to the way side by any means. I'll still be posting everything to this blog. The only difference is that I'll be that I'll be linking full stories and reviews from this blog to the new FGG one. That and I probs won't be posting as much ebay and videos to the FGG one. Not to mention the occasional rant like the pre-previous post...

As you could imagine, I'm pretty stoked! I've coveted Fixed Gear Gallery for many a year now and I look forward to contributing to an awesome site...


While I may be over the whole Campy fetish thing...

Shit like this brings me RIGHT BACK to square one:


Saturday, June 28, 2008

This shit will blow you the fuck away.. Just not in a good way...

Let's see.. How can we sum up everything bad about the current state of affairs, give it a hip power to the people style galvanizing sound, then sell it to the Millennials for bank?

Well look no further because here's the answer!:

I mean, come on.. Are you for real? Is this a joke? That shit seriously blew me away.. Go on, listen to the cheese ball lyrics and you'll see what I mean. Better still, listen to them while looking into a mirror. You'll notice that the veins in your forehead will begin to throb followed by your eyes completely glazing over. Honestly, I don't give a rat's fucking ass about how good you can string a verse (or how poorly for that matter), but please, please stop coming up with this CORNY FUCKING TRASH! If you're looking to do something for the betterment of society, put forth a bill to congress outlawing Apple's Garage Band program! Seriously.. We really, really need to take that shit away from the masses. They just can't be trusted with ANYTHING AT ALL. It's bad enough we're stuck with the likes of fucking Fall Out Boy because of it...


Friday, June 27, 2008

sssssssSLLLLAMIN' NOS DeRosa!!!


What I wouldn't give for the chance to dirty this pretty little thing up- muah ha ha ha!


Something ever muffin top lesbian couple should own!

Seriously though, how RAD is this Schwinn tandem??

The only thing missing from the photo of them riding is some double finger pudge poking action, hehehe. Sorry ahead of time if you catch this post Kristen!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just bringing you some jaw dropping market highs!

Some classic NOS Campy cranks that sold for $395

Another set of NOS Engraved Campy Pista cranks that sold for: $748.66

Set of barely used Aerospokes that sold for: $820

Another set of used Aerospokes that can be yours for mere sum of $795

Mucho retardo no?...

With any luck this trend will die like skateboarding did back in the late 80's so I can go back to getting parts at more reasonable prices...

ooooo did I just say that?!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

AWWWWESOME Viner fixer from Philly!

One of the guys from Bicycle Revolutions is selling his kick ass Viner!

Note the photo I took of it when I was there. Fucking thing is CHERRY! Super, super sweet in person!


HUUUGE Nagasawa frame!

NEVER seen one this big before. Def a rare find for you tall bastards...

The same seller also has a nice Levant and Panasonic frame for auction too...


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A little something from down under...

Can't decide if I love em or hate em yet. They're most DEFINITELY sick either way...


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sssssssssssSEXY MAMA!

Beautiful 77' Paramount Track bike on ebay. Slightly overpriced but at least you can make an offer...


THE ugliest mufuckin' frame EVERRRR!!!

This god forsaken Spicer blows away what I previously thought was the ugliest bike they could possibly make BY A LONG SHOT!!!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

One of Ant bike Mike's creations up for auction!

Awesome city commuter Fixed Gear from the Ant man on ebay!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bianchi Pista concept sells for $800 bucks!

Well, at least this time it's a new one. As opposed to the used ones selling for only slightly less. Still, $150 over retail is pretty fucking redonkulous!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Dream find: 1973 Schwinn Paramount roadie STILL. IN. THE. WRAPPER!!!

I'm holding out hope that I'll trip over a Paramount like this of these one day while walking through some batty old geeeeeeez's barn...


Sweeeeet minty 80's Merckx pista on ebay!

The pics are HUGE so be prepared to wait a while.. or just check out his Flickr set...

He's also got a nice Casati up there now:


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This may not be brutal bloody metal but...

Late 70's Cocaine Smuggling German electro chase music FUCKING KILLS IT! Blast. this. shit. ASAP!!!

The movie is pretty gnarly too...

..and more on Moroder here. Though it would help if you understood German...

HOLY FUCK- check out this super American version! Soundwave...?


While there is quite possibly NOTHING better than bikes, AND girls...

What is it about this ones thighs that make me wonder what it would sound like if my neck were to be violently snapped...?


WICKED Masi Road bike from Speed Bicycles!

I posted speed bicycles unholy collection of road bikes recently after spotting one of their Hetchins roadie on ebay. Here they go again with one suuuuuper sweet ass 79' Masi up for auction right now!


Friday, June 6, 2008

Bilenky Viewpoint spotted on ebay- 4 REAL?!!

Yes, it's true! Rarely will you see a Bilenky creation on ebay, let alone a fuckin' Viewpoint. I'd like to see someone buy this bad boy and send it right back to Steve to have S+S couplers tossed on it. Def a steal at $3000 considering a new one would cost upwards of 5 1/2 G's!


Once again heeee's KILLING ME!!!

I've bitched about this guy on many occasions due to seemingly never ending amount of sssSICK NOS frames he pulls out of his ass. Well, here's his latest batch:


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta Track Forks Review...

Well, to be perfectly honest this isn't going to be much of a review. Lord knows I'll never own a set of these myself or even attempt to try and do a bar spin. But that's not the point. The point is if something is heavy, made of steel and has welds on it.. I'm going to take interest. Long story but one of Brooklyn Machine Works custom Gangsta Track forks came into my possession today while at work. I of course had to fondle and photograph it before passing it on to it's rightful owner (glad to do bidness w/ya AA)...

I only wish I'd received this fine piece of American craftsman ship earlier in the day. It would've made short work of some coworkers of mine, hehe. The fork itself is pretty sweet and looks like it could take any and all abuse one could possible dish out. We're talking full on beefy steel forks with a decent amount of weight to em. I'd say somewhere in the 3-4lb range. From what I hear the added weight makes the actual act of balancing and spinning the bars easier. The other key factor is the extra clearance needed to actually spin a 700c wheel all the way around without bumping the DT. Apparently there's even enough clearance to mount a 28c tire on there. Just check out Prolly's whip...

As for price and availability, I have no clue. I'll be sure to update this post when and if I find out any more info...

UPDATE: The owner of the forks pictured told me they set him back $200 bones straight up and that they were ready to go right away. No wait time. Not sure how often these are stocked but the way things are going with fixsters these days BMW is going to have their hands full...


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sexiest mufukin' bars EVARRRR!!!

Check out those vivacious curves- mmmmmmmmmmmm!


OT: Most amazing office FREAK OUT VIDEO(S) EVER!

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane - Watch more free videos

Yeah, it has nothing to do with cycling other than the fact I feel like doing this at some point each and every day. Which is why I need to be working less and riding more. BTW, my favorite thing about it is that there's a second perspective shot. After you check out the second video, be sure to watch the first one again while scoping the dude filming the second shot with his cell phone. Fucking classic!


Monday, June 2, 2008

Not for the faint of heart...

These photos are seriously fucked up and will put the fear in any serious cyclist:

Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico(Monday June-2-2008) Seven competitors from yesterday cyclist race were severely injured after being hit by a drunk driver, one of them died and other three were hospitalized. The drunk driver was arrested after the rest of the participants tried to lynch him.

30 year old Alejandro Alvarez, from Brownsville,Texas, was pronounced dead on the scene, while Alejandro Salvador Tamez, 18, Juan Machaita, 38, and Guadalupe Martinez,, 16, were severely injured.

Cyclists were participating in a race from Matamoros to Bagdad Beach, when drunk driver Jesse Campos, a Brownsville, Texas resident, in his Ford Grand Marquis, license 659-FKF from Texas, impacted seven cyclists, even as they were being escorted by Local Transit Officials.

Source: Periodico El Bravo
Pictures: Fidelino Vera

Don't say I didn't warn ya!





...and if that's not brutal enough for you, check out these AWESOME comics about rescue stories from May 12th Earthquake in China...


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bootleg Peel Sessions Event 08'

As with the last Peel Sessions event I went to, I went to lose. Prolly must have sensed this as I was waiting at the sprints starting line. He did me, and everyone else who just wants to see photos, the good deed of pitting me against the rider that went on to win the sprints event. Needless to say I lost miserably. Had it not been for my early loss, I may have not been able to take so many lousy photos- awesome! Anyways, here they are. I'll start with the one and only good photo I took but it's pretty much downhill from there...

This one's pretty rad:

This one would've been rad too had I not somehow caught a MEGA BLAST from Chris M's flash:

UPDATE: So I've been reading here and there about how there were so many people taking photos at Peel. Some even joked that there were more photographers than actual riders, hehe. So I've changed my mind about this blown out photo I took. Before the over exposure was bothered me but now that I think about it, the photo is more indicative of the moment. Which in the end makes it even more RAD.... Do you hear that people? Yet another prime example of how bullshitting is art form in and of itself. Thank youuuu SVA!!

When Chris wasn't blasting me he was kicking ass during sprints. Here's one of him around the pylon. Which BTW was a beast to get around. To close to the inside and you'd eat shit on the dirt or that fuckin' grate, too far on the outside and you'd slam into the bumper of a box truck:

And lastly, a photo that is a pretty good representation of the love and hate I have for somehow being a part of all this nonsense:

Foot down was also super fun. Although I don't have any photos of that cause I was too busy playing. See if you can spot the jackass in this photo courtesy of Blake...

Anyways, Prolly did yet another awesome job hosting the Peel Sessions event. So big ups to him. Not to mention that Campy post-Turbo saddle trade. Sweet! Nothing like a little extra cush for that tush. What a fuckin' sissy right? At least they look rad too. Sorry about the lack luster photos BTW. Something tells me that I may have done a little better had I shelled out the cash money for a Canon 580ex flash instead of using my old Nikon SB-26's.. but probably not... Anyways, more pics in my Flickr set...