Thursday, December 17, 2009

Residual bike lust, it's a REAL bitch!

I was cruising the bay as per usual when I spotted this hum dinger:

Naturally my jaw dropped in wanton desire despite the fact that I ALREADY OWN THE SAME FUCKEN THING. Which of course means nothing when you take into account exactly just how super freaking hott that shit would look with my ass all up awwnnn it!

In all seriousness, I attribute the painful and nearly uncontrollable lust towards something you already have, in another color with this example, to spending the last few years looking for said lustable object. Even tho you've satisfied that desire, it doesn't take much to get it going again. Having only recently completed the build on my Nagasawa, my overwhelming desires are still fresh. It SO killed me watching that auction over the last few days. It was kinda like looking at an ex's flickr stream or blog after you break up. Even though you feel like someone's shoving your guts into a salad shooter, you can't bring yourself to look away..

So no, I def didn't buy it. Maybe had it gone for $900 or something I would have but even still, I managed to hold on to some semblance of self control. By self control I mean I just didn't have enough cash money lying around to buy it anyway cause that's what most likely would've fucken happened knowing my dumbass.. Stupid ass sexy bikes getting the better of me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!



Snork said...

Stay strong, brother.

Noel said...

I too suffer from H.B.S.O. (Hot Bike Schwagg Obsession), so much so that I've put myself on a 30-day schwagg restriction. No eBay, craigslist or bikeshop. Although not quite in the advanced stages your in, it's quite serious. You should admit you're powerless and get on the wagon for a month. See how long you can make it.

morgman said...

The paint on the black one is awesome... I say do it Alan! I'll take care of the white one for ya.