Monday, December 14, 2009

This is something I made for..

..the Hand-made gift swap event I was invited to attend. The person I was assigned to requested something that would remind her of New York. Which is pretty damn vague if you've never met the person and or know nothing about them. In any case, this is what I came up with:

I guess you could call it somewhat of a chain extender of sorts..? I was originally going to make it as a really 'dope' necklace by painting it gold etc but practicality got the better of me. It's def not bad as a version 1.0, but I'm thinking that with the 2.0 version it'll def need to be a bit more sturdy and theft proof. Otherwise the 1.0 is pretty good to go for actual use with a secondary lock and or in not so large a city where cunt rag bike thieves are running rampant. Tho I would've been WAY more stoked to weld in an actual Kryptonite chain as opposed to the heavy duty $3 a foot home depot chain pictured..

The funny comment on it was that for once you'd have to worry about someone stealing your bike for the chain. Oh and my sisters comment of "You should sell those for a $100 bucks a pop on your blog" was also amusing..

So I'm pretty stoked on it and plan on making more! I have some loose designs for FLA, TEX, JAP, PHY, LAX, and MKE. Okay so I'm not sure how philly would like PHY or LA with LAX since it's the friggen airport but you get the idea..

I also have no idea if I would actually sell these or what. Esp with needing the actual Krypto chain in question on hand for fabrication. I guess it'll have to be a local thing/source a set of chains to weld and sell as a package deal. Any suggestions/crit welcome!

Pics from the actual event here..



Joe said...

I'd def buy a Philly one. I know some people I ride with would as well.

I would do PHL for Philly.

Ross said...

Rad idea.
Nice execution.
For the awkward-to-reduce-to-three-letter-places, you could do area codes.
There are plenty of way too rich people that would def part with a hundo for one of those.
Get em.

oman said...

they are fresh!!!
hook up an ATL, DEN, BOS,

CyclingWMD said...

Holy shit, thanks guys! I was half expecting the 'that shit is ghey' type responses but I'm glad people dig it. I'll def make some more- SEND ME YO CHAINS!

Adrian said...

This are sweet. I would totally buy a Tex one, although 100 bones seems a little steep.

CyclingWMD said...

Oh noooo dude, I would SO not charge a hundy for one of those things. I just need to figure out a way to make em a little easier/faster before coming up with a proper fair price. I mean, that shit costs nothing to make but my time and effort still counts towards it's value. Not to mention the fact that you'd be getting a CyclingWMD original! aaahaha- douche. Glad you dig it tho!

Dylan said...

Awesome. Totally awesome. This is the part where I suggest that you make one that reps Seattle (SEA).

Anonymous Agent said...

716 for the B-LO crew!

Jacob said...

i think you'd be better off doing atx instead of tex or maybe just TX

Anonymous said...

MPLS so much bike town it cant fit in 3 letters