Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hooollllyyeee shit almighty.. this Helyett Speciale Pista ever making me hott:

Same seller has a bunch of other great shit too!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Got some inexpensive lugs in the mail today!

I was cruising around ebay one night last week and spotted this new lug set:

$50 + $14 for shipping? Not so bad I figure. Esp since it's got the fast back thing going on. Here's another quick pic with some different angles:

They totally seem nice and should work fine for a first time fuck around build. Just have to order the rest of the bits and pieces when I get a chance..

Also, sorry I haven't been posting much as of late. The last few weeks leading up to the holiday were pretty hectic and I've just been wanting to take a bit of a break from everything. More cycling madness to resume shortly!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh yeah, gee, can I please spend..

..Twenty fucken K on this Chanel outfitted POS?

and just think, it's marked down from $21,000!

I mean really, give me a fucken break with that type of shit already! As if the price wasn't bad enough, the fact that they made a hundred in total is even more ridiculous. Mostly because they know for a fact that there's enough stupid rich people out there that would be willing spend that kind of money on something not worth more than a couple G's IF THAT..

If I had that kind of money I would buy up as many of those lame ass Stash painted Nago's as possible just so I could have the esteemed pleasure of burning those stupid paint jobs off!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spectacles upon spectacles..

Just to warn you this is posts is better well suited towards all the fellow nerdy eye glass wearers and enthusiasts out there. You're adjusting them right now because I just said that aren't you? Dork. Anyways, about 6-7 months ago I was hunting around for some new specs. I found the most stellar pair EVER. The kind that you just slap on your face with no adjustment and are wicked stoked on from the get go. Unfortunately the frames were by Alain Mikli, i.e. hand made, hard to find, wicked expensive. They wanted $650 for the frames and another $425ish for the lenses. So yeah, I put them down and was like fffuck you can suck balls! But not before taking down the product # of course. Here we are 6-7 months later and I FINALLY found the pair I'd been lusting after on the interwebz at an awesome discount:

Naturally I was freaking out when I first found them and bought them right away. Got some lenses at Lenscrafters for em today and I'm hhhella stoked!

Total for the frames and lenses after my insurance discount was $565. So I ended up saving like $500+

Fuuuccckkkiinnnngggg awesooooommmmee!

For those of you who aren't eyeglass wearers and don't really get it, just imagine having to wear something on your face EVERY SINGLE DAY and how much time, money and effort you'd put into something like that. Last thing you'd want is to look like a fucking dolt. Well, no more than usual anyways. Oh and p.s.- contacts don't work for me on a daily basis and getting some shitty cheap ironic frames obviously doesn't work for me either..

The second half to this story is about the fine young woman who was good enough to grace me with her presence last night for dinner. Naturally as with most nerds I met her online. Surprise, surprise. Here's the thing about dating via the interweb so far as I've experienced since I first became a total loser and had to stoop to that level: It's like scraping the bottom of the fuckin' humanity barrel, I ssshhit you not! Maannn oooo man have I ever come across some real gems. I won't go into any gory details but for those of you also engaging in this somewhat futile exercise I will give you this piece of advise: Full RECENT body shots or just don't bother- TRUST ME. There's nothing worse than being stuck in public with a fuckin' mouth breather at your side- bleeech!

Right, back to said fine young lady. Being the daring risk taker I am, I decided to meet with her despite not really having a good idea of what she looked like since she was really small in her photo. Turns out she was really quite beautiful. Shocking, I know! She was also tall and has what appears to be a nice figure so far as I could tell being that it's cold out.

We sat down and one of the first things I commented on was the really cool clear eyeglasses she was wearing. Clear eyeglasses are tough to pull off in my opinion. Chicks def sport them better than dudes too. Unless you're like, you know.. not so dudeish a dude..

The clincher of course is when we got around to asking each other what we did. It turns out she's a fucking doctor with a background in neuroscience. Like with the white lab coat and everything! She also enjoys riding bicycles AAANNNDD, is somewhat of a Balkan mix. I mean, come on, what are the chances that my dumbass finds a beautiful nerd with cool glasses, rides bikes and is from my neck of the woods. It's like finding a needle in a stack of needles. So yeah, I'm pretty much in love with her already, hehe. I would make jokes about posting wedding invite type shit up here asking people which ones they like best but there is of course a downside to all of this. That downside being me of course. Having someone tell you that they're a straight up doctor really puts into perspective how stupid you truly are..

Like- Oh wow, gee what do I do? Um yeah, I do a lot of things.. None of which have anything to do with being stuck at a dead end job, getting stoned, building weird freak bikes, jerking off and then writing about it on the internet all the while wondering why people give me funny looks in public. No, no, certainly nothing along those lines. I'm actually an artist. Yeah, that sounds MUCH better! I spend a lot of time analyzing the various implications that negative space has as it pertains to the human condition. Which is just another way of saying that I've been suffering though an extreme case of soul deadening chronic masturbation due to rampant free internet porn access for longer than I care to admit..

Like I said, bottom of the fucken barrel..

Fortunately your humble narrator is as charming a bastard as they come and by the end of our date, she was asking me out to our second. We're going to go see Avatar in imax 3D with the goggles and everything. It'll be my first time putting on goggles of a different sort and her second time seeing it. Like I said, I think I'm in love..

Oh and before I forget-

Happy Holidays you fuckin' fags!



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some more rad shit from Specialized..

As if I wasn't stoked enough on the wicked Tandem yesterday, check out these bad boys:


Fucking awesome drag strip bike which I've never seen anything even remotely resembling it before:

A cardboard mock up of the tandem before they built it along with some epic frame dangling above it:

..aaand anyone who has access to a bin similar to this should get in touch with me ASAP!

Thanks Hugo!

More can be found in his flickr set..


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is SO true!


Wow is this tandem ever torquing me the fuck out!

Just FF to 1:00 and be blown away by aero gnarliness!

Not a huge fan of brands like Specialized and Trek etc.. but that thing is pretty wicked!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Selling the wheels off my Mercian!

In an attempt to de-red the Mercian, I've decided to pass the wheels on to someone else. I've got a lovely new set which will go on there shortly. Here's the deets:

Red Anodized Phil Wood 32 Hole single fix hubs laced to Velocity Deep Vs:

They've got very, very low miles on them (2-300 MAX) and are still in awesome condition!

Price for them includes the Vittoria tires which are also in great condition along with one NEW replacement tire


Might also consider selling some of the other red parts if anyone's interested. More full build pics here..

It kinda kills the shit out of me to sell these since I actually dig how red the fuckin' thing is. I guess part of it reminds me of a time when anodized parts weren't so readily available for fixed gear bikes. I remember having a bitch of a time finding things for it. In any case, these days I've been really diggin on the more classic low pro tubular rims on these types of bikes so it's time for a little change..

Also, just to throw this out there again:

Paramount Track frame still for sale!

Now lowered to $550! More details here!!

Someone needs to buy this shit and tear it the fuck up!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Residual bike lust, it's a REAL bitch!

I was cruising the bay as per usual when I spotted this hum dinger:

Naturally my jaw dropped in wanton desire despite the fact that I ALREADY OWN THE SAME FUCKEN THING. Which of course means nothing when you take into account exactly just how super freaking hott that shit would look with my ass all up awwnnn it!

In all seriousness, I attribute the painful and nearly uncontrollable lust towards something you already have, in another color with this example, to spending the last few years looking for said lustable object. Even tho you've satisfied that desire, it doesn't take much to get it going again. Having only recently completed the build on my Nagasawa, my overwhelming desires are still fresh. It SO killed me watching that auction over the last few days. It was kinda like looking at an ex's flickr stream or blog after you break up. Even though you feel like someone's shoving your guts into a salad shooter, you can't bring yourself to look away..

So no, I def didn't buy it. Maybe had it gone for $900 or something I would have but even still, I managed to hold on to some semblance of self control. By self control I mean I just didn't have enough cash money lying around to buy it anyway cause that's what most likely would've fucken happened knowing my dumbass.. Stupid ass sexy bikes getting the better of me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is actually making me tear up..

..I'm laughing so hard:

I'm sorry but man, some of that internet humor type shit just fuckin' slays me!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm kinda diggin' on..

..Candy Crank's new whip:

I'm not sure if I like more because it looks super hott itself or because it kinda turns me on in a nerdy way to think that a cute chick put as much time, money and effort into building up a proper custom..

In any case, there's plenty more info on her build here..


Monday, December 14, 2009

1988 50th Anniversary Paramount Track frame FOR SALE!

Pics first, deets later!

1988 50th Anny Paramount built by Waterford
-55cm CTC ST, 55.5cm CTC TT
-Columbus SLX tubing
-Suntour Suberbe bottom bracket and headset
-Chrome Shimano dropouts and fork ends
-Serial #W L88046
-27.2 seat, 120 rear spacing

The Story of this frame is that it was bought NOS, ridden for a couple of years, then sold to someone else who rode it for a couple years, then sold to a friend of mine. We built it up quick and tested the fit on my trainer but it just isn't going to work out for her size wise. So here it is, up for sale again!

It's still in really lovely condition with the obvious wear and tear from being assembled and ridden. No crashes and nothing other than a some cosmetic damage here and there. Most of it is clear coat level scratches or chips with there being one small chip down to the steel which is pictured here..

Looking for $600 which INCLUDES the Suntour Superbe Headset and BB in good working condition. Shipping within the US should be in the neighborhood of $50

If you're interested email me at:

Larger photos available on my flickr set along with this snap of the previous owner's build..


This is something I made for..

..the Hand-made gift swap event I was invited to attend. The person I was assigned to requested something that would remind her of New York. Which is pretty damn vague if you've never met the person and or know nothing about them. In any case, this is what I came up with:

I guess you could call it somewhat of a chain extender of sorts..? I was originally going to make it as a really 'dope' necklace by painting it gold etc but practicality got the better of me. It's def not bad as a version 1.0, but I'm thinking that with the 2.0 version it'll def need to be a bit more sturdy and theft proof. Otherwise the 1.0 is pretty good to go for actual use with a secondary lock and or in not so large a city where cunt rag bike thieves are running rampant. Tho I would've been WAY more stoked to weld in an actual Kryptonite chain as opposed to the heavy duty $3 a foot home depot chain pictured..

The funny comment on it was that for once you'd have to worry about someone stealing your bike for the chain. Oh and my sisters comment of "You should sell those for a $100 bucks a pop on your blog" was also amusing..

So I'm pretty stoked on it and plan on making more! I have some loose designs for FLA, TEX, JAP, PHY, LAX, and MKE. Okay so I'm not sure how philly would like PHY or LA with LAX since it's the friggen airport but you get the idea..

I also have no idea if I would actually sell these or what. Esp with needing the actual Krypto chain in question on hand for fabrication. I guess it'll have to be a local thing/source a set of chains to weld and sell as a package deal. Any suggestions/crit welcome!

Pics from the actual event here..


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Seen on street!

Fuck man this CAD9 is in CHERRY right off the showroom floor shape! Hilarious seeing it locked up like that..


Awww mmmMAN! Talk about Tragic!!

I can hear that frame screeching from here!

God that's some nightmare to wake up from huh?!


Another one for Chicks and Bikes blog..



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reader Submission build: Terraferma Pista!!

Now this is what I'm talking about- Great fucking bike, clean build, nice clear pics and sexy group shots ta boot!


Suntour Superbe Super Turbo rims and hubs, Vittoria Pista CS tubulars, Sugino 75 crank and chainring, Speedplay Track pedals, Phil Wood BB, Thomson seatpost, Selle Italia Storika saddle, Chris King headset, Nitto Ultimate Ideal stem, Nitto drop bars..

More pics here and builder info here..

Thanks a lot Naveed! Great mufukin' bike man- enjoy that shit!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This is SO fucking great I can barely stand it!

For those of you unfamiliar with the city, a chunk of bicycle lanes were taken out along Bedford Ave by a bunch of fucking babies. These kids kick MAJOR fucking ass for stickin' it to em'

seen on da Prollmeister..


This one's for the Prollmeister!

For those of you who didn't know, Mr. Prolly is pretty, hot on his, Merkcxzzuhzuzuzhzz so when I spotted one in his size I figured I'd make him aware:

Sounds like it's got some history too!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Nicely priced 73' Paramount..

It's nice seeing a relatively fair price on a vintage Paramount that's all like blaaahh I want $3000!!!

Very pretty, just wish it was my size!


Friday, December 4, 2009

WWII Nostalgia and Bicycles!

I've always been interested in war history, with WWII being the obvious fav. Just saw this great photo from England 1942 on the NYCfixed board:

Three American military personnel, possibly ground crewmen, sit on their bicycles in front of a B-17 bomber named 'Berlin Sleeps II,' at Polebrook, Northamptonshire, England, fall 1942. The crew and plane originate from the 97th Bombardment Group of the 8th Bomber Command (later 8th Air Force) which was stationed at Polebrook from June until November of 1942. (Photo by Margaret Bourke-White/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


Aeigs going out of buisness sale!

It really super sucks to hear about any bicycle brand going out of business. What doesn't suck is that they're clearing out all their inventory at 60% off! Use coupon code: clearance60

Also be sure to check out their twitter feed for updates and other coupons..

Carbon Fiber Aro One frame pictured normally $2400, marked down to $1200!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Experiencing the Yin and Yang of cycling..

So.. Last night I had to make my way over to Williamsburg to meet up with the dude who ended up purchasing the Cinelli off me. What do I see as I'm stepping outside my office? RAIN.. I fucking HATE riding in the rain! Unless it's like a summer shower on a wicked hot day which is actually kind of awesome. But yeah, I really hate getting all wet and having to ride a lot slower. Riding with slicks and no brakes isn't too-too big a deal but it's the wet glasses that get me. For those of you who don't know what it's like wearing drippy wet glasses while riding a bike, try wrapping a few layers of plastic wrap around your eyes and you'll get the idea real quick. Contacts aren't much better either..

In any case, I made my way downtown with relative ease. Until of course I made the turn onto 2nd ave. 2nd ave runs south one way downtown so I was about to make a right when I noticed a bike taxi coming down the way. I slowed a bit to let him pass but a car ended up getting in his way right as the light turned red for them. I went ahead to make the turn but wasn't feeling the huge shortline bus parked on the corner. I slowed down to near track stand speed and leaned over the bars a bit to have a quick peak around the corner since it was a completely blind turn. At the EXACT moment as I'm about to see around the corner, this motherfucking Chinese food delivery guy comes fucking FLYING at me from around the bus right next to it GOING THE WRONG WAY AT NIGHT WHILE IT'S RAINING OUT AT A TRAFFIC LIGHT WHERE THERE'S A HUGE BUS PARKED AND NO WAY TO SEE AROUND THE CORNER. He came so fucking close to nailing me head on that he clipped my bars and I swear I felt my beard rub against his shoulder. It happen so instantly that I had zero time to react and lost my balance falling right on that really shitty part of your knee to fall on (right under the disc off to the side a bit). Not to mention it scared the shit out of me! He however managed to stay a float because I'm sure this shit happens to him like 50 times a day. He continued to ride away BUT.. he dropped a really big bag of Chinese food and had to stop to get it. Said bag dropped about 15 feet away from me and like 10 from him..

Now.. I understand that this poor bastard is stuck delivering food to schmucks such as myself all day and night long in all types of shitty weather. Then along comes my honky fuckin' ass sporting an expensive bike that I lock up in the street etc, etc.. So I probably could've gone a little easier on the guy and been more understanding of his situation. However, this is me we're talking about here.. I turned around and saw him looking at me and he must've seen that I was really pissed because he looked at the bag.. and then looked back at me again. Sensing trouble, he made a break for the bag thinking he could make a speedy get away. Once I saw that I was like, oh not even! I got back to my feet lickety split, made a running start at that ffffucking bag of shitty Chinese food I almost died for and gave it the fuken boot! I kicked that fucking bag so hard that not only did I feel no resistance whatsoever as my foot cut right through it, but it completely EXPLODED aaaall over the fuckin' place! Pieces of Chicken, broccoli and who the fuck knows what else in solid and or liquid form spewing forth in every direction..

I then followed up that display by going off on the loudest fucking tirade about how unconscionably stupid you have to be to pull as bonehead a maneuver as that. I mean, if you think I look scary in the Self Portrait I shot a couple posts back, imagine it's cold, dark, raining, you nearly killed me flying the wrong way up the street and now you've got my 6' 1" thickly bearded self standing over you screaming bloody murder. It was kind of like screaming at a deer stuck in headlights. He was absolutely frozen solid not saying a word, occasionally looking down in shock at the food all over the street, him and his bike.. A crowd of onlookers slowed their roll and somehow managed to break away from texting their friends in time to tweet what was transpiring in front of them AT THAT VERY MOMENT..

It wasn't until I rode away and the pain/adrenaline had a chance to subside that I kind of just started laughing to myself at the assholey absurdity of it all. It was pretty amazing! Seriously tho, next time you're really, super, super angry about something that's otherwise meaningless in the grand scheme of things, go buy like $30 worth of Chinese food, place it on the ground about 10-15 feet in front of you, get a running start and give it the fucking heave ho! If you need inspiration just try imagining it's a little dog. wwWhat? Don't even try to tell me that you haven't thought about scoring a 50 yard field goal with one of those frilly little bastards..

Luckily I made it back to the burg without any other incidents. Grabbed the Cinelli out of my car and rang on the buyer's doorbell. I went upstairs and was greeted by him (Max), his buddy (Mike) and two lovely ladies. I felt bad interrupting their evening by showing up all soggy and flustered from the ride over. However there was business to be had so it never really matters how grungy things are so long as there's bikes involved..

It seemed as tho my arrival was unexpected by his guests as they admired what I had brought in from the rain for them. His buddy was particularly interested and it became obvious that he was also a fellow cycling nerd exclaiming: 'Deltas?! Nohoho fucking way!!' What came next was quite the shocker as Max uttered the phrase:

Yeeaaah well.. Merry Christmas..

He said it in that hushing Yeah I love ya now go fuck yourself wouldja, we got ladies on hand tone..

There was a brief silence while our brains were processing the information which was abruptly shattered when his friend exploded like a fucking WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION! He flipped his mother fucking lid like I've never seen anyone before. I kinda just laughed not really getting it at first thinking he meant just the brakes when I realized he was giving him the whole fucking bike! Some amazing gift huh?! I want friends like that!!

Witnessing that level of jubilance is about as close to watching another male orgasm in person as I'll ever want to get. There was that one time when I caught a nasty sex show in Pad Pong Bangkok where there was live fucking. As live as two dead zombies fucking in front of a crowd could possibly be anyways. They had this glazed over look in their eyes like they were watching re-runs of their favorite childhood sitcoms in their heads. But yeah, I don't think I've ever been anywhere near as excited about something like that (that didn't involve drugs or pussy) pretty much ever. So it was awesome that I was able to play a part in that for someone else as indirect as it was..

Once the excitement cooled off a bit we hung around and shot the shit about bicycles, groups etc. Max has a really nice Merckx roadie frame that he's looking to build up and a Nagasawa Labeled North- something or other? I can't remember the name right now for some reason. Mike spoke of how he no longer had any excuse to back out of a century ride now that he had the Cinelli and planned on riding the living shit out of it! They were both super stoked and invited me to join them on some rides whenever I'm in the neighborhood. I didn't want to keep them from their evening any longer so I said my goodbyes and left. I walked down the stairs with a big grin across my face as I could hear the now muffled room explode with excitement once again from behind the heavy door..

That experience was about as rad as it can possibly get when selling a bike. The greatest fear and hesitation to selling super nice stuff is not knowing what'll happen to it once it's out of your hands. With something like the Cinelli, you want it to be like a Willy Wonka situation where the you know the next person will appreciate it for what it is an not make too drastic a change. As opposed to someone just parting it out and selling it on ebay or putting some wack ass parts on it.. Like Sram Red, hehe..

So in closing, Chinese food delivery guys can join all the yellow cabs in oblivion for all I care and I hope cycling enthusiasts like Max and Mike live forever..

I think the most amazing thing about all this is that I somehow managed to write as much as I did about two things that occurred inside of like- 30 min..


If there was an equivelent Bicycle version of a strung out junkie..

..this would HAVE to be it!:

Perhaps more like on the way down to the gutter as opposed to being found dead in one with a needle sticking out of it's Top Tube..

Such tragedy! :'(

Via NYCfixed..


Fulfill all your fetishistic Campy bling dreams with the touch of a button!

The Buy It Now button that is..

Fuck man, if I had a G to spare I'd be all over that shit! You'd likely stand to make a tidy profit if you were to flip it all..


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gnnnnar Dawg Yamaguchi Track Pursuit frame on the bay!

Holy fuck this bitch is hott!

Probably have your back aching like a bitch too!


Nevermind everything that's going SO wrong in this picture..

..because that ffufufffufucking freak bike is sssSO SICK!

Thanks Jessica!

..and here's another fucking sick one I spotted over at Project B:

That thing has some seriously rad potential! I'd def throw something in a more ape hangar-esq bar tho..